New Music Friday: Space

Space is a venture that fills us with a certain feeling toward the unknown, and the media often paints space to be lonely, terrifying, beautiful or something just beyond our reach. Sam Ryder’s “SPACE MAN” is no exception to this rule. With the artist’s album “There’s Nothing But Space, Man” set to release on December 9th of this year, YEM has compiled a playlist of songs for your listening pleasure until the album is released. The music in this playlist may not share the same thematic theme of space as “SPACE MAN”, but they do share similar dulcet tones, genre, ideology, and tempo to the track. But do not misunderstand. These songs carry themselves on their weight, and while they may not be on a spaceship, these talented artists will take you on the ride of a lifetime. And now without further ado, here are some songs that are like the track.

Have you ever heard of Griff? This singer’s “Black Hole” shares a similar thematic approach to “SPACE MAN” with its topics of isolation and homesickness, but “Black Hole” takes it differently by approaching the subject of emptiness instead. Griff addresses the emptiness that we as individuals can feel, but the lyrics address this manner in a more melodramatic fashion, compared to the more serious tone in Sam’s song. Despite the difference, it’s interesting to see that the title shares the same namesake as the black holes in space, don’t you think?

Here’s THSA’s “Back to You” under her EP, “Moonlight”, a song that shares similar dulcet tones as “SPACE MAN”. THSA is an electronic music artist whose popularity rose from her EP “OnlyL” back in 2021, and thanks to a few of her appearances such as Jackfruit Radio and Spotify’s EQUAL campaign, she has quickly rosed in popularity and has released her latest album “Capricorn Sun” back in October. Let’s also add in Sonny Tennet’s single “Don’t Want a Heart” which was released this September of this year. The song had risen in popularity on Spotify and the artist’s music is very similar to what “SPACE MAN” has to offer.

Benedict Cork is a British singer-songwriter whose single “Heaven Is a Place on Earth” matches the feelings that “SPACE MAN” conveys. Please check out his latest album, “If These Walls Could Talk” and explore more of the avenues his music takes you through; you won’t be disappointed. Next, we have Dermot Kennedy’s “Days Like This” and this song is just magnificent. From Dermot’s weathered voice that travels through a quiet melody, you’ll be taken to a whole new realm, much like Sam’s music. Please listen to his newest album, “Sonder” which was released this November.

James Gillespie’s raspy voice makes an appearance in this New Music Friday with “Rescue Me”, a single that he released back in 2020. James made a name for himself through folk festivals in the U.K., but he rose to immediate popularity from his single “What You Do” back when it was released in February of 2017. “Rescue Me” showcases a bit of James’ talent, and much like “SPACE MAN”, there’s something about this song that makes you take a step back and think, even if it’s just for a moment.

Did you know that Malik Harris’ song “Rockstars” made an appearance in the Eurovision Song Contest, much like Sam was? Malik represented Germany in the contest, and this artist made waves thanks to “Rockstars” creation. The music video that showcases the song shares the same sort of energy as “SPACE MAN”, and it truly shows Malik’s side of how he shares his music. To serve as the opposite of “Rockstars”, we have KAWALA’s “Searching”, which takes a more conceptual approach to the dating scene by addressing the repetitive nature behind it.

Nadir Rustamli is an Azerbaijani singer who has also sung in the Eurovision Song Contest with his song, “Fade to Black”. This singer had participated in multiple contests back in 2017 to onwards, and in The Voice of Azerbaijan, he had chosen to be with Eldar Gasimov, another Azerbaijani singer who had sung in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2011. Nadir was chosen to represent the contest this year, and his performance was phenomenal with “Fade to Black”. Dean Lewis’ “How Do I Say Goodbye”, a song dedicated to those who had to say goodbye to their loved ones, is another next up on this list. The emotional feeling behind this track aligns itself with “SPACE MAN”, and it makes you feel the emotions that the artist is trying to convey.

Mimi Webb’s “Before I Go” is another alternative-pop song that matches the tones that “SPACE MAN” conveys. This British singer-songwriter is well known for this single, and if you’re interested in her music, she’s set to release her studio album “Amelia” on March 3rd of 2023. Another British singer-songwriter we have is Tom Grennan, whose EP “Something in the Water” serves as a slight contrast to his original music, but one that matches the tone of “SPACE MAN” and other songs on this playlist.

Do you know Duncan Laurence? He’s a Dutch singer-songwriter who also sang in the Eurovision Song Contest, but way back in 2019. And his song “Arcade”, a song that he had sung back in that contest, is on this list. While it may not serve the same themes of isolation and homesickness, “Arcade” served as an inspiration about someone who Duncan had loved back when that individual was alive. The feeling behind this track matches what “SPACE MAN” expresses, and it’s such a wonderful song too. Keep an eye out for his newest Album “DL2*” that’s expected to be released in 2023.

Tate McRae’s song “One Day” is next on this list, and while it may have a whole different theme that’s aimed towards unrequited love, the tones and tempo are a bit like that of “SPACE MAN”. Then we have Lauren Spencer-Smith’s “Flowers” which also matches the tones and tempo of Sam’s song, while its theme is closer to what Tate’s “One Day” is conveying. These two songs are comparable to one another, but they do share the same sense of feelings that can be said through Sam’s song.

Next up, we have Lexi Jayde’s “drunk text me”, which was released this year in January through the album “closer to closure”. The song is vulnerable and straight from her heart, a similar feeling and aspect that was conveyed in Sam’s song. We also have Jessie Murph’s “Pray”, a song whose soft melodies and strong, powerful voice match Sam’s influence on his song.

Sadie Jean’s “Locksmith” fits her criteria for heartbreak songs, and its tone certainly matches “SPACE MAN” to a certain degree. The soft melody of “Locksmith” intertwined with Sadie’s melodious voice makes the impact much harder, and it certainly feels a tad different compared to other songs that talk about heartbreak. While its ideology is different from Sam’s song, the song still fits under this list, thanks to Sadie’s powerful voice. Zoe Wees’ “Ghost” is another addition to this list. “Ghost” talks about the double-edged blade known as trust, letting someone come closer to your vulnerabilities, to the point where they could destroy you, all for knowing so much. A contrast to the isolation and homesickness that Sam wanted to communicate, but the power behind Zoe’s voice against the sad melody that accompanied it makes it a contender for this list.

And finally, Canyon City’s “Stardust” is the last song on this list. This is the most ‘space-like’ compared to the other titles in this list, and it fits more of what Sam’s song has to offer. From the lyrics to the tone, to the soft melody and voice, this song is the closest to what “SPACE MAN” is.

Out of all the songs here, what’s your most favorite? Let us know in the comments below! You can listen to the playlist here!