New Music Friday: Titanic

I think it is about time that we all come together, hold hands and say “Hello old friend”. Yup, your eyes weren’t lying to you as the iconic movie, Titanic, is coming back to theatres in a remastered format! The joy, sadness, and thrill will all be there; if you were never born to see the original in theatres, this might just be the perfect time for you. Anyways, what is Titanic all about? Well, that would be one of the best love stories this world has seen. Love, romance, and then some more love. So, might you ask what the music will be about this week? This week, we look into romantic songs that pertain to the idea of love relating to that of Jack and Rose. Let’s dive into this week’s, New Music Friday!

1. “Detox” by Sadie Fine

From the vivid descriptions of the guy she is singing about, to the imagery that pops up in everyone’s head while listening. I’m sure that Jack’s presence got Rose higher than the tree tops, and these two different love connections seem to actually be the same!

2. “Winners” by Estella Dawn

This is how I imagine Rose felt at first when Jack tried to confront her. A powerful woman who is well above Jack’s pay grade. Well, let’s see what is in store next as we all know the story takes a shift!

3. “Ruins” by Drew Schueler and Kiki Halliday

At first there was contemplation, but then there was love. “Ruins” is a song in which I can’t quite tell if they love each other to death or are strictly just questioning their love. Let’s be honest, there was surely a lot of questioning going on at the beginning of Jack and Rose’s relationship.

4. “Running To You” by Vinai and Moonshine and Madism

Can we bet that the trio of music makers in this song have seen titanic, because if it was made in 2023 then this song might be played near the beginning of the movie.

5. “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars

There is nothing that will not make you smile while listening to this song. Bruno Mars expresses his deep love for his spouse while singing about how he loves her for the way she is. A love song that can teach anyone the right way to love!

6. “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey

Jack and Rose most certainly belong together! It is only that sometimes, a relationship lasts a short amount of time. Although their togetherness was cut off, their love will be together forever.

7. “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” by B.Miles

At what point does someone being stuck in your head become dangerous? Despite Jack and Rose having a deep and loving connection, their love was surely dangerous. I mean, he was almost killed multiple times!

8. “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes

From the first day of his life to the last day of his life, his love of Rose fulfilled Jack’s life. It is when he realized that his true love existed, his life finally began.

9. “Still into You” by Paramore

Isn’t it bizarre how after all this time, Rose is still into Jack? Nothing has changed. Despite Jack sacrificing his life for her, their love lasted for generations.

10. “Close Again” by David Green

You can look at this song in two ways. Being emotionally distanced from your partner, or physically separated in which you cannot mend back together. When lovers are pulled apart, we find ourselves wishing to go back and be close again.

11. “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers

Love goes two ways. I’m in love with you, and you are in love with me. The heartfelt message and the way The Lumineers describe it is something so beautiful, just like the love we live through in the movie Titanic.

12. “You Became God” by Atomic Blonde

Love will never be all sunny. Figuratively, sometimes love hits an iceberg and everything flips around. In order to appreciate all of the good, we have to acknowledge the bad times as well.

13. “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake

Imagine being so in love with your spouse, that you become the same person. That is how love is. You live, you learn, and you adapt to each other, almost becoming identical and seeing the other half of you through the mirror.

14. “Wonderwall” by Oasis

Jake was the one that saved Rose, twice. I’m sure Rose knew all along that Jack was going to be the one that saved her.

15. “Till I Die” by King Elliot

The part we knew just how much Jack was in love with Rose. If Rose was going to jump off of the ship and drown, Jack was going to jump in and be right with her. In the end, he will symbolically be with her until she dies.

16. “Little Things” by One Direction

It’s all the little things that make up a person’s greatness. As depicted by One Direction’s “Little Things” they break down all those tiny little aspects that make someone so perfect and beautiful.

17. “Love Somebody” by Maroon 5”

If you have never loved somebody before, we can learn by seeing Jack’s relationship, or hearing how Maroon 5 describes it. Something so beautiful that you feel it after you listen.

18. “I Would Do Anything for You” by Foster the People

The definition of true love. Wanting to do anything for the other person no matter what. So true, we even see Jack give his life to save his love.

19. “Here’s to Coping” by Gavriel and Bad Milk

We keep talking about the beauty of love, but sometimes there is sadness after the love. As we see the physical appearance of love disappear with Jack’s demise, coping with the stress and sadness must be acknowledged as well.

20. “All of Me” by John Legend

In the end, we close out this New Music Friday with a romantic and heartfelt story from John Legend to his wife. From detailing how his all is delivered to his significant other in their relationship, to talking about how much he cares for her, this is a song that spreads hope and happiness to relationships everywhere.