New Music Fridays: Archie and Betty’s Relationship in Riverdale

Now that I’m a River Vixen, and you’re gonna be on the varsity football, I have this fantasy of us as a power couple. Or maybe even just a couple. […] Is that so impossible to imagine? ” — Betty confesses her feelings to Archie

The boy and girl next door, the cheerleader and star football player, childhood best friends to lovers. Barchie. Oh, and there is a playlist for the two as well.

Friends since they were four, Archie and Betty have always held a special place in each other’s hearts. In the beginning, Betty confessed her feelings to Archie with no success. Remember in the first episode when Betty told Archie they should be a couple while dancing to “All Through the Night” performed by Josie and the Pussycats? Hearts were broken and tears were shed. From that point, the two stayed best friends for seasons to come. It was clear that it hurt Betty in the beginning, but she cared more about keeping Archie as a friend. Check out the songs, “Friends” by Chase Atlantic, “Just Friends” by Olivia O’Brien, “Just Friends” by Amy Winehouse, and “Because of My Best Friend” by The Clickettes.

During the first few seasons, Archie was paired up with Veronica and Betty with Jughead. There was no romance between the two. Or was there? Remember when they kissed in the car the night of the Black Hood attack? The songs “illicit affairs” by Taylor Swift, “love, or the lack thereof” by Isaac Dunbar, and “You Belong with Me” by Taylor Swift explain that moment well.

After Jughead’s “death” is when things begin to get steamy. Yikes. Betty and Archie first kiss in the music room, then in the bunker, but was it all a show? Their emotions become confused, especially when Archie sings “Carry the Torch” for Betty in the bunker. The song is for her, Betty knows it, but she has to stop Archie, reminding him of what is at stake. They both love Veronica and Jughead and they are going off to college soon. Despite her longing for Archie, she ends whatever is brewing between them. Also check out the song “MEET ME AT OUR SPOT” by Willow, Tyler Cole, and The Anxiety that explains the push and pulls Archie and Betty went through at this time. Their connection was strong, but there was too much going on in the town of Riverdale to let them really understand their relationship.

Flash forward seven years. Finally, the 10-year romance comes to fruition. The two let their love fly. The duo was just friends with benefits, but then they built a relationship. The rest is to be decided in the next episodes to come. Listen to the songs “Lover”, “The Story of Us” by Taylor Swift, and “If You Ever Wanna Be In Love” by James Bay to reminisce on the couple, how much they have been through, and where their love can lead them now.

How do you feel about Betty and Archies relationship? Are they meant to be?