New Music Fridays: Top 20 Songs Released by Independent Artists In 2022

This year has seen quite a few musical accomplishments, especially when it comes to independent artists. We’ve compiled a list of our top 20 indie songs released in 2022 thus far. 

Looking for some fresh indie pop? JB Somers’s “There For Me” has got you covered. His latest release provides touching, relatable lyrics and a chill, melancholy vibe, perfect for Shawn Mendes fans. If that song’s still got you in your feelings, flowerovlove’s “Will We Ever Get This Right” is a great follow-up. At just sixteen, flowerovlove’s newest single is sure to resonate with hopeless romantics the world over. 

“Tripping Fields” by Moxie has a similar wistful feel; its strong vocals and harmonies will draw you in, while the relaxed guitar riff will make you stay. Speaking of acoustic guitar ballads, Delaney Bailey’s “Oh Love” is a soft, just-a-girl-and-her-guitar song that fans of dodie and Taylor Swift are sure to love. If you want to go down a more emo route, though, don’t worry: Everybody’s Worried About Owen has a new single that’ll scratch that itch. “Gut Punch/Don’t Meet Your Idols” draws clear inspiration from bands like Bright Eyes. The song lives up to its name by gut punching you with raw emotion and poetic lyrics. 

In the mood for something more upbeat? Not to fear: our playlist has got some fun indie rock for you. “Fight” by Huw & the Greater Good has a lively melody that’ll have you on your feet and ready to fight the good fight by its end. Of course, there’s more: want the perfect excuse to go for a long, windows-rolled-down drive? The Happy Fits’ “Changes” will give it to you. I guarantee you’ll be tapping the steering wheel and singing along with the catchy chorus. If you’re looking for something to just rock out to, “Cruella” by the Clause is just that. You’re sure to get instantly hooked. 

Maybe you prefer your rock more laid-back. Don’t worry – we’ve still got you covered if you do. Flipturn’s “Playground” is indie rock at its finest, complete with dreamy vocals and steeped in nostalgia. “Premium Fantasy” by Rebounder has a similar feel to it, the perfect combination of fun beats and plaintive lyrics. While second thoughts’ “who cares” doesn’t share that melancholy tone, its chill sound and feel-good message will lift your spirits and boost your confidence. 

Those who prefer alt pop will discover some hidden gems on this playlist, too. “Convo #6” off emawk’s latest EP, “Until Then,” has chill, unique beats built for listening with your headphones in and your eyes closed. Dev Lemons’ airy harmonies and funky beat in “Autopilot” make it impossible not to bop your head. If you’re a Rex Orange County fan, you’re bound to love Leander; his song “Take Some Time,” from his new LP “Locations,” conjure warm August nights spent catching fireflies. Speaking of warm weather, austenyo’s “Garden” is perfect for the upcoming summer season. His suave vocals will coax you to strut around the block in your favorite sunglasses as soon as the song starts. 

If you’re looking for something totally new, the next few songs on our playlist are sure to satiate. Daft Punk fans will love Hot Flash Heat Wave’s “m o t i o n s,” a song that verges on psychedelic. Fans of vaporwave will recognize Windows 96 and their new song “Ascending Red.” Even if you haven’t listened before, you should definitely try it out: equally great for studying as it is for playing video games, this is the kind of music you’d expect to accompany an exploration onto an alien planet. Those who’d prefer something a bit more subtle, while still craving wholly unique music, will love “rubber checks” by maxime. This sly, smooth song will have you dancing the second you press “play.” 

Can’t seem to get in the dancing spirit? Maybe you’re having trouble getting over a breakup. Don’t worry: this playlist has a couple songs up its sleeve. “Villain” by HumorUs is a moody song with a great bassline that’ll fit right into your breakup playlist. In “Funeral,” stef boldly asks her ex if they’d mourn her death. Deeply relatable and tragic, stef’s latest will help you explore a breakup’s emotionally complicated aftermath. 

You can listen to the full playlist on our Spotify.