New Updates On The Kissing Booth 3

The trailer is finally here! It was dropped on Netflix’s Youtube on the sixth and has become one of the most trending trailers this week!

It is the summer before college for Elle. She has been in for quite a ride with her secret but not so secret relationship with Lee’s older brother, the ever so dreamy Noah. Elle has to make one of the hardest decisions ever. She has to choose between two dream schools: Berkeley where Lee, her life-long best friend, will be attending or Harvad where the dreamy Noah (A.K.A. her boyfriend but not so serious boyfriend) attends. 

So, with the trailer coming out, more info on the movie’s plot is started to unveil. One important detail that the fans can now expect from the upcoming movie is Elle and Lee’s Beach Bucket List. Elle expians in the trailer that, “A long time ago, Lee and I put together a crazy list of all the crazy things we wanted to do together before going to college”. Elle remarks that they “could get arrested” for one of the things listed there. The fans are dying to know what all the activities are and whether they can do them all. 

Some of the things on this “Beach Bucket List” were revealed through the trailer. For example, cliff jumping, reaching the top of the donut shop and sitting on the huge donut stand on top, and sumo wrestling. Their summer already seems a lot better than most others!

The end of the trailer gets more serious with Elle’s life changing decision. Noah is worried if she won’t follow him to Harvad since she does have his younger brother to think about. However, it does seem like Noah truly cares for her and wants to be in a more committed and serious relationship. On the other hand, Lee asks her about when they are going to check out Berkely. So, it seems like he might not know that she’s really considering Harvard and following Noah but leaving Lee alone to attend Berkely. This could possibly be the first time the two lifelong friends do something big alone. 

Elle needs to make up her mind. The fans hope that whatever Elle decides that the three will still be friends. It’s devastating knowing that a great franchise is about to end but dying to know what Elle will choose. Checkout the trailer onYouTube here and don’t miss the movie on Netflix on August 11!