Paxton vs. Ben: Who Will Devi Choose?

The Lang Fisher and Mindy Kaling coming-of-age comedy Never Have I Ever has explored an array of subjects such as grief, loneliness, love, and relationships all in just ten episodes. Fans of the series have anxiously awaited Season 2, hoping that the most important question gets answered: Who will win Devi’s heart?

Never Have I Ever follows Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) an intelligent young adolescent trying to navigate through high school. Devi loses her father and often clashes with her mother. Devi is grieving, and she struggles with her emotions, often blowing up at trivial things. At the root of it all, Devi tries to distract herself from her pain by becoming trapped in a complex love triangle. Here we’ll be taking a look at the two boys looking to win Devi’s heart: Paxton (Darren Barnet) and Ben (Jaren Lewison).

Let’s begin with Paxton, the heartthrob jock that Devi has had her sights on getting with all season long. Paxton is the common stereotype in high school: He is unattainable jock that is too arrogant to get to know Devi’s interests. Although when Devi and Paxton are alone together, he does come off as a nice guy, or decent friend to Devi, although she clearly wants something more. When Paxton is with his popular jock friends, he acts like an entitled jerk to Devi, which is something Paxton will have to stop doing if he wants any shot at a relationship.

Ben, on the other hand, is at a slighter advantage as he has known Devi longer. The two have been enemies all their lives, as both excel academically. It has been some friendly competition as the two are often competing over who has the best academic excellence. 

 Both Ben and Paxton have their fair share of bad moments. While it has already been established that Paxton acts rudely around Devi when he is with his friends, Ben also acts mean to Devi. Ben has cheated on his girlfriend who he did not even break up with. He also trades insults to Devi.

Beneath those layers, Paxton and Ben both care about Devi, it just may be hard to show it when around others. Although Paxton has a rotten group of friends, he does care for Devi as he took her to the hospital after Devi received a bad coyote bite. Paxton also drove Devi home after her fight with friends Fabiola and Eleanor. 

Ben, on the other hand, stayed in the car while Devi went to scatter her father’s ashes at the beach. Given the emotional circumstances, Ben stayed to make sure she was okay. In additon to that sweet moment, Ben also offered up his home to Devi when she got into a fight with her mother, Nalini over her father’s death. 

Both Paxton and Ben have showed up and hurt Devi throughout the season. The trio surely makes for an interesting pairing. Who do you think Devi belongs with? 

Never Have I Ever Season 2 will be streaming on Netflix on July 15. In the meantime, Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.