Nico Tortorella “Makes It” to the Pajama Walk

The Pajama Program, a national nonprofit organization, believes that every child, no matter their circumstances, has the inherent right to a loving good night, complete with the comforting bedtime ritual of changing into clean, warm pajamas and enjoying an enchanting story.  On October 14 the Pajama Program hosted their second annual pajama walk across the Brooklyn bridge with your favorite Brooklyn resident Nico Tortorella, Star of TV Land’s “Younger”. YEM got the chance to chat with the star about his time on ABC Family and his awesome podcast.


YEM: How did you get involved in the Pajama Program?

When Genevieve and her team reached out to ask if I was interested in attending the pajama program walk it was a no brainer. Every night before I go to sleep I give gratitude and prayer to all things in my life. I set positive intention, and protect my space. Every child should have the opportunity to do just that, and a good book and warm pajamas are a step in that direction for sure.

(L-R) Pajama Program’s Executive Director, Jamie Dyce, Actor Nico Tortorella,
and Pajama Program’s Founder, Genevieve Piturro at Pajama Walk 2017
Photo: Claudia Paul

YEM: What were some of your favorite children’s books growing up? What’s one book everyone (all ages) should read?

Love You Forever! That book made the rounds in my family. “I love you forever, like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby/mommy you’ll be.” Such a beautiful sentiment.


YEM: Growing up I was a huge fan of the show Make it or Break it. Do you still keep in touch with your costars?

Such an awesome show. Cassey Scerbo and Chelsea hobbs I touch base with from time to time. And Cody Longo is still one of my best friends.


YEM: Where do you think your character, Razor would be today?

Nico: Selling out the garden, duh.

YEM: I have a friend who listens to your podcast and she wants to know how you get your guests to be so vulnerable?

Nico: Respect them. Zero judgment. Protect and bless the space. Send light and positivity. Give gratitude. We should all practice this every single day.


YEM: And which young adult guest star would you like to see come on your podcast and why?

Nico: Keke Palmer, she’s my soul sister.

YEM: If you could play any Disney villain or villainess who would it be and why?

Nico: A new one! An animated gender queer pansexual stud. Get it Disney!