Kyle XY Cast – Where are they now?

Chances are if you are in your late teens or early 20’s today, you remember Kyle XY. Kyle XY was a mystery/science fiction show on ABC Family about a teenage boy (Kyle) who is trying to figure out who he is, why he is here, and where his belly button went. It starts when the main star wakes up in a frosty field, naked, with no bellybutton and no knowledge or abilities above a newborn baby. He is taken in by a family named the Tragers who give him his name, and with his new family and friends he works to unpack the mystery that is his origin. He is basically a blank slate at the beginning of the show, and one of the most interesting parts about the show was that you got to be there with Kyle through all the baby steps of growing up like a baby but trapped inside of a teenage body. Some of the most iconic moments from the show were not crazy sci-fi battle scenes or fighting to stop a secret societies evil plot to clone him, rather, the parts of the show that seemed to stick out the most were just watching a Kyle grow and learn in his environment. Who could forget one of the most important moments of the show where Kyle first heard the beautiful sounds of Amanda playing the piano, which led to him falling in love for the first time as well. The show was a hit for ABC Family, and while the show was unfortunately short lived (lasting only 3 seasons) fans of the show have always hoped for more and continue to make a buzz online whenever anything Kyle is rumored. Join us as we take a look into what the cast and crew are doing now, as well as what we think some of the characters would be up to today.

Kyle Trager – The secret society planning to make clones of Kyle at the end of the series continued with their plan and almost were able to make thousands of clones of Kyle. Even though he had enlisted the help of the Tragers, Declan, and Amanda, the battle that ensued started to tear the team apart as Kyle struggled to keep up with the lies that he had kept spreading. After the smoke had cleared, Kyle decides to spend much of his time in exile to protect those he loves and try to find himself.

Matt Dallas – The man who was everyone’s favorite boy with no bellybutton has been staying busy since Kyle XY ended in 2009 starring in TV shows Eastwick, Baby Daddy, and even an appearance on Worst Cooks in America. He’s starred in over 15 films since the end of Kyle XY, most notably starring alongside Hillary Duff in Beauty and the Briefcase (we took time to talk about all things Hillary Duff with the creator of Duff Enough, a podcast completely dedicated to all things Hillary Duff, check it out here). In his personal time Matt spends his time at home in Denver, Colorado with his husband, country singer Blue Hamilton, and his son Crow. You can follow Matt and his family on their popular family channel matt and blue

Nichole Trager – After already almost losing her life once, Mrs. Trager was not necessarily looking to jump right back into a risky situation, so when Kyle needed help to get to the bottom of the secret societies plans, she was able to offer little help. Although she initially was the one that brought Kyle into the family, the trouble that it has caused all those around her makes her question whether she made the right decision.

Marguerite MacIntyre – Marguerite played the adopted mother and main source of support for Kyle, Nichole Trager and after the show ended, she has continued to act on television. She has been on episodes of CSI: NY, CSI: Miami, and held a recurring role as Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes on The Vampire Diaries. On top of acting, she has also been a staff writer on several other TV shows and can be heard vocally on several Broadway soundtracks.

Stephen Trager – Mr. Trager’s life had changed quite a bit from his mild-mannered software engineering day to day, and after being thrust into plenty of compromising situations once Kyle had joined the family, he is just happy to have his life free of drama. The recent brush with Ms. Tragers death has made him realize what is really important, and it’s not work. Now that Kyle has distanced himself from the family, Mr. Trager can go back to the way things were

Bruce Thomas – After Kyle XY ended, Bruce continued the same path as many of the shows actors, acting on other television shows such as NCIS and even got to star with his TV sons Kyle (Matt Dallas) and Josh (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) again in the hit show Baby Daddy. Thomas has also built a large career in voice acting, and you may have even heard him voicing over some of your favorite games such as several Halo and Fallout games, as well as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War where he played Russell Adler.

Lori Trager – Although Lori has had her share of moments, she is deep-down a really sweet person, and since her and Hillary have finally buried the hatchet, she has one of her best friends back. Even though her father has forbidden her from dating Mark, that only worked to push her more towards him which turns out dangerous as he was part of the secret society. After the fall of the secret society, Lori decides to go to college away from home and now lives close to home in Washington.

April Matson – Since Kyle XY ended April has acted in a few other films and TV shows including a small appearance in an episode of Psych. She is currently living in Idaho where she founded PLATFORM, a company designed for creative individuals to collaborate on ideas. According to LinkedIn, she’s also currently holds a role as the office manager for AnchorPoint Accounting.

Josh Trager – Josh being who he is was never really focused on any of the issues that Kyle and Jessi were fighting, but continued to focus on what really mattered to him – Josh. After many tries, he finally wins over Andy, and they end up dating for years. Josh isn’t exactly the college type, and gets a job working for the city doing construction. Josh is still essentially a grown-up self-centered little boy and is lucky that Andy can be so patient with him.

Jean-Luc Bilodeau – Jean has also been very active in his career since the show ended and has starred in several large movies including alongside Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore in LOL, as well as horror comedy Piranha 3DD. Bilodeau had somewhat of a reunion on the TV show Baby Daddy with Matt Dallas, and Bruce Thomas, and is currently starring in Carol’s Second Act as Daniel Kutcher.

See our profile of Jean-Luc Bilodeau here

Declan McDonough – After working together with Kyle and the Trager’s to bring down the secret society, Declan was quite a bit humbled from being the spoiled pro-athlete rich kid. Though Kyle has distanced himself from many, Declan will always be one of his best friends and the few people he can rely on. 

Chris Olivero – Has kept himself busy balancing his desire to participate in surfing, golf, basketball, and baseball, with his passion for theatre. He has continued to act on TV with roles on NCIS, CSI:Miami, and a  recurring role on critically acclaimed Boston Public. 

Amanda Bloom – Amanda has always had an on and off again relationship with Kyle, and although in the last season they were not together, Amanda admitted to Jessi that she wanted to be back with Kyle. After helping Kyle to bring down the secret society Amanda tries to continue her relationship with Kyle and win him back. She remains one of the few people that Kyle stays in close contact with.

Kirsten Prout – Prout has been known recently for her roles in mainly horror films such as Joy Ride 3: Roadkill, Even Lambs Have Teeth, and even staring as Lucy in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. She has also probably had the most television appearances out of the main cast since the show ended as she has acted in over 11 TV films since Kyle XY. Prout is married to television development executive Matt Zien 

Jessi – Jessi and Kyle work together through most of the planning, and the battle to bring down the secret society, and although they succeed in the end, it wasn’t easy, and both end up in pretty bad shape. After going through such a traumatic event together Jessi believes that it has brought her and Kyle closer together. She knows that MadaCorp will never stop looking for her and asks Kyle to come with her on the road to find a way away from all this turmoil and is shattered when Kyle rejects her. She continues her journey alone to find out if her memories are true.

Jamie Alexander – Since Kyle XY Jamie has been a prominent member of the Marvel Universe playing Lady Sif in several different Avengers, Thor, and other Marvel films. She has also continued to act in several TV shows such as Bones, Nurse Jackie, and other Marvel TV shows.

When Kyle XY abruptly ended it left fans of the show wishing and begging for more. There have been books and stories of fan fiction written, as well as rumors of a comeback, but it’s clear that interest in Kyle XY didn’t end when the show did. The show’s third and final season ended on a few gigantic cliffhangers as the producers and writers had fully intended to continue with the story, but unfortunately the network announced that the show would be cancelled in January of 2009 right as the third season began to air. The unplanned cancellation of the show left the writers and cast hoping there would be a way to continue, several reports and rumors had come out around the time of a potential movie, or an extended length episode, but nothing was able to be made. Even though the show was not able to be finished, the writers and actors did get a slight chance to explain some of their plans and ideas for the story and future episodes on the season three DVD features called, “Kyle XY: Future Revealed”. We can only guess as to what the ending would have been, or how the story would have progressed alongside Kyle, recent discussions and rumors of a reunion episode or movie have sparked back up online, and in a recent profile we had done on main star (Josh Trager) Jean-Luc Bilodeau (See our profile here) these rumors were addressed again, and at least we do know that the stars of the show have also expressed interest in bringing it back. Although we never saw the way the story played out, the interest in furthering the story is certainly there, and we can only hope that with the recent influx interest TV show reboots and uptick in streaming services will bring the show back, or at least provide some closure to fans. Kyle XY is currently available on Disney + for streaming.