Noah Lomax Is Making A Home

Young Entertainment got to chat with Noah Lomax the star of just released DVD 99 Homes. Take a look at what he had to say and make sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below.


Young Entertainment: Tell us a bit about how you got into acting. What was your first gig, and what kept you interested in pursuing it since then?

Noah Lomax: Hey! I actually got into acting through my sister, Maddie! She started and since I was younger I would go with her to auditions and my parents one day asked me if I was interested in trying it out, and I said sure why not. I started doing local TV shows and loved it. I have been lucky and blessed that I have gotten to do some many different shows. What keeps me coming back for more is that I love being on set and meeting cast and crew. Each movie or TV show has been such a great experience that its hard to imagine doing anything else…well except maybe playing football.

YE: Please tell us about 99 Homes, and your character Connor:

NL: 99 Homes is about the housing crisis and how a lot of families were evicted from their homes. It is about Dennis Nash, played by Andrew Garfield, his mom, which is my grandmother played by Laura Dern, and my character are evicted from their family home. Connor Nash is not only having to deal with losing his home but also losing where he goes to school and not seeing his friends. Dennis decides to work with the real-estate broker who evicted him, Rick Carver, played by Michael Shannon. Dennis starts to make some shady deals and he is forced to make some ethical decisions. It takes you on the journey of what a person is willing to do get his family back home.

YE: Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon and Laura Dern…That’s some pretty crazy company to be in. Anyone in particular on set make you feel star struck?

NL: I was a little star struck with all of them because I had seen The Amazing Spider-Man, Man of Steal and the original Jurassic Park. But once you met them, then you realize they are just like anybody else. They were awesome!

YE: How was it working on set with such amazing talents?

NL: It was amazing being on set with such great talent. I loved watching how they would get into character and how important it was to be truthful to the character and the scene.

YE: Any crazy standout stories?

NL: There wasn’t really any crazy standout stories except that we were really a family on and off the set. We celebrated my birthday, went to dinner, went to the zoo….I really just enjoyed being with them. It was real! I believe that we will be in touch and I will never forget this time. Ramin Bahrani was also awesome. He treated me with lots of respect. He never treated me like a kid and took into account my thoughts.

YE: You’ve also guested on some other crazy sets… Bones, The Walking Dead, The Middle. And films like Safe Haven and Playing For Keeps. All great projects full of awesome people. Does any experience stand out? Which set was the funnest, or which set did you learn the most on? Any cool Walking Dead stories?? Tell us everything!!!

NL: Hahaha! Bones was pretty cool especially when the skeleton fell on us. I didn’t get to meet any of the stars but I met some nice people. The Walking Dead was incredible. I was more like a glorified extra and my sister was the one with the lines but the best part was of course, the zombies. The funniest part of being on set was walking around and you would see a dead body next to make up trailer or see zombies playing cards. It was like no big deal. I remember there was a zombie that would never get out of character even when they would yell cut and he was scaring me. My mom finally had to say stop and got mad at him. It was funny to see mom vs zombie. Lol! Safe Haven was the most fun to shot because Josh Duhamel was such a cool dude and I got to have my days off in a cool city like Southport, NC. I also got to work with Mimi Kirkland who played my little sister. Our families got really close and we still see them all the time.

IMG_8781eYE: Tell us about your upcoming project Brave New Jersey. And your character Peter. (Is there a set release date for that yet?)
NL: Brave New Jersey is about how a small town handles what they think is really the invasion of aliens. They are listening to live broadcast of Orsen Wells’ War of the Worlds but the towns folk have no idea that it isn’t really. I play Peter who is boys’ boy and likes playing pranks. He is also just getting into girls and really likes this one girl but not sure how to deal with his emotions and the possibly the end of the world.

YE: Besides acting, what are your other interests? Are you doing sports in school, or is there something you’re studying that you’re super into?
NL: I am a football player and play for North Gwinnett, I love it! Our team is so far undefeated and we are going into the playoffs. I am so excited! As for school, I love science and right now we are learning about chemical reactions. It is pretty cool because it’s stuff like Science Bob.

YE: Pop culture interests: What are your fave shows and movies?

NL: My favorite TV show is Survivor and movie is the Dark Knight Trilogy. I also like The Shawshank Redemption, and I just saw Green Mile and that was pretty awesome.

Musical artists? I really Drake and Nirvana. I like any kind of music, even film scores. Anybody you absolutely love or are dying to work with???

I would love to work with Will Ferrell and Larry David. I also love Christian Bale. Any icons or role models? My dad is my role model. He is a pretty awesome guy.

YE: What’s next for you, career wise, aside from Brave New Jersey?

NL: I just found out a booked another role but I don’t think I can say just yet. I am just excited to be able to do this!


YE: Looking forward to high school?

NL: Kinda of! My sister tells me its hard but I am ready.

YE: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us and good luck on all your endeavors.