Where You’ve Seen Them Before

Recovery Road has managed to give Young Entertainment tons of feels, and one thing that’s been noticeable is a recognizable cast. Here is a breakdown of each actor and where you’ve seen them before.

Jessica Sula plays the Maddie Graham, the new girl at the Recovery Road house.

Where you know her from: SKINS – Grace is the third member of Mini’s clique. She has come to Roundview College from an all-girls school and enjoys ballet and acting. Despite being told not to by Mini, Grace begins a friendship with Franky which causes tension amongst the group.



Sebastian De Souza plays Wes Stewart on the show, the some what bad boy that Maddie likes at the Recovery Road house.

Where you know him from: SKINS – Matty is introduced in the first episode, encountering a distraught Franky in an industrial estate and describing her as “beautiful”. The first few episodes portray him as mysterious as he only makes a few brief appearances; his first significant role is in Liv’s episode, where he is revealed to be Nick’s brother.



Alexis Carra plays Cynthia McDermott, the social worker at Maddie’s school, the one helping Maddie out back at the Recovery Road house.

Where you’ve seen her: MIXOLOGY – Jessica, a single mom with two kids; a son and a daughter. She was born in a bar. Ever since she was a kid, Jessica dreamed of being a fashion designer with her best friend Fab. However, she got pregnant with the lead singer in a band. At the beginning of the night, she goes to the bar to meet Ron, who promptly throws up in her purse. She later ends up friends with Bruce.



David Witts plays Craig the house father at the Recovery Road house where Maddie is sent.

Where you’ve seen him: EASTENDERS – When Joey arrives, he punches Derek and then reveals he is his son. He makes it clear he wants nothing to do with Derek. Later, he meets his cousin Lauren Branning and takes a liking to her friend Lucy Beale. He tricks Derek into giving him money, which he gives to Lucy, as Derek has been stealing money from her. He tries to bring Alice home but she insists she is staying, and Joey accepts work from Michael Moon as Derek does not like Michael. He then decides to show Alice what Derek is really like, so invites several friends to a family dinner, leading to Derek trying to punch Joey.



Sharon Leal plays Charlotte Graham, Maddie’s mother.

Where you’ve seen her: HELLCATS – plays Vanessa Lodge, a former Hellcat cheerleader who is now the team’s coach. Her job is threatened if the Hellcats do not place at the national competition.



Daniel Franzese plays Vern Testaverde one of the guys staying at the same Recovery Road house as Maddie.

Where you’ve seen him: MEAN GIRLS – Daniel played Damian who befriended Cady and tells her to stay away from the popular girls.



Kyla Pratt plays Trish Collins, one of the girls at the Recovery Road house where Maddie is staying. Trish has a child she’s trying to get custody of.

Where you’ve seen (heard) her: Kyla plays Penny Proud, the main protagonist of the series, a 14-year-old girl living in fictional Wizville, CA who is usually embarrassed by her father, Oscar. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, even though they have gotten her into trouble, and left her to face danger by herself many times. She listens to and always respects her parents, but often caves in to peer pressure.



Lindsay Pearce plays Rebecca, Maddie’s ex-bestfriend. Rebecca is also staying at the Recovery Road house Maddie is sent to.

Where you’ve seen her: GLEE – As Harmony. She was first introduced at an Ohio mixer for future applicants to the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts, commonly known as NYADA, and is one of a group of ambitious students to have been attending monthly as freshmen.



Keith Powers plays Zach, Maddie’s high school boyfriend who doesn’t know about her stay at the Recovery Road house.

Where you’ve seen him: FAKING IT – Anthony was an undercover cop pretending to be a student, also known as Theo.



When the residents of an upscale rehab facility have to temporarily move into Springtime Meadows, Vern is elated that his favorite actress Olivia O’Brien (guest star Mischa Barton, “The O.C.”) is among them.

Where you’ve seen her: THE O.C. – Mischa Barton played Marissa Cooper on The O.C.. Marissa is the girl next door. She falls for the new boy in town only to find herself suffering with depression, alcoholism, and a whole bunch of other drama to come her way.




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