Where are they now: The Fosters (Part 2)

By Stephen Novak

Did you ever wonder where some of your favorite characters and actors from the Fosters are now?

Maia Mitchell- As Callie Foster, Maia has had a long-standing career after the show’s conclusion, where her character graduates and moves onto Law School before moving the Los Angeles with Marianna.

She reprises her role off Callie in the spin-off show Good Trouble but has also been in some short films like “Strobe” and “Racist Superman”. While still keeping up appearances in various T.V shows like “The Lion Guard”.

Amanda Leighton played Emma Kurtzman, Jesus’ longtime girlfriend. She was introduced in the twelfth episode of the show “House and Home”. She was a rebellious and sassy member of the wrestling team that took nothing from anyone!

Now Amanda can be heard voicing Blossom in the revival of “PowerPuff Girls”, a role she’s held since 2016. The de-facto leader of the group that inspires girl around the world. She also plays teenage Sophie Pearson in the 2015 drama story “This is Us”.

Jordan Rodrigues played Mat Tan, the love interest of Mariana Foster. His character was introduced during the show’s second season. While he is focusing on his dancing career at the moment, he still appears in various T.V shows like “Light as a Feather” and “L.A’s Finest”.

Tom Williamson is known for playing AJ, a down to earth person that carries the weight of his hardships on his sleeve. He’s somewhat backed away from the big screen for now, starring in a few short films and one-offs in TV shows like “Jacobs Kiss”.

Alex Saxon took on the the role of Wyatt Casey, on and off lover to Callie. Once the Fosters ended he moved on to playing Gabriel Johnson in the legal drama “The Fix”.

On a more positive note, Saxon has been rumored to have a role in the upcoming Nancy Drew show. People are especially excited when considering that Ellen Degeneres will be taking on a role as producer.

Gavin Macintosh- His role as Connor was appreciated as a good representation of the LGBTQ community with his relationship with Jude. Sadly, his character would live in repression from his homophobic father until it he has to move away to get away from that toxicity.

Nowadays he has rescinded from the limelight, with his last appearance being the character Arson in the show “Bosch” back in 2017. Though some people might also remember his time being on the forensic investigation show “Bones” as Parker Booth.

Elliot Fletcher- Elliot has by far one of the largest repertoires among the cast. Starting with his role as Aaron Baker in Meet the Fosters, he quickly branched out into various other shows from the Shameless to thriller drama Tell me Your Secrets.

Daffany Clark- Starting off as a somewhat unlikable character, Daffany played the role of Daphene, someone who eventually gains a lot of depth through her story with her daughter Tasha.

Daffany has been rumored to be a part of several projects including “Big & Beautiful”, a story about a plus-sized woman grappling with her own personal image.

Kalama Epstein- Hawaiian Native Kalama played Noah, one of Judes various boyfriends and part timer afterwards. Since then he can be found on the show, “No Good Nick” as the role of Jeremy. Check out YEM’s exclusive interview with Kalama here.