Panic stars Olivia Welch and Jessica Sula share what they learned filming the show

The new show Panic is about to premiere on Amazon, based on the book on the same name. And this show definitely requires a cast of actors that are ready and willing to take risks. The show is about a group of recent high school graduates who are competing in a series of dangerous games. The prize is a huge amount of money, which may be the only way they can get out of their hometown. The games are dangerous, even deadly. But is it worth the risk?

The main character is Heather Nill, who isn’t thrilled with her life in this small town. She lives with her mom, who is an alcoholic and is always hounding Heather for money. But Heather has been working to earn money of her own in hopes of going to school and becoming a writer. Then, she’ll get out of this town. She doesn’t need to participate in Panic.

On the other hand, Heather’s best friend Natalie can’t wait to play Panic. She’s not just playing, she’s determined to win. She wants to money to move somewhere exciting like New York to become an actress. Despite what Heather says about the games being dangerous, Natalie won’t stop until she wins it all.

The plan is for Heather to cheer on her best friend and for Natalie to win Panic. But when Heather’s circumstances change, she enters the games instead. The two best friends are not only competing for their futures, but they’re competing against each other which they never imagined.

Before the show premiered, YEM sat down with the show’s stars: Olivia Welch who plays Heather and Jessica Sula who plays Natalie. They told us about what it was like to film the thrilling show, plus how things would go if they played Panic in real life. And… what they two girls would look like living on a farm together. And much more! Check out YEM’s interview with the girls here!