The Wish Dragon trailer was just released!

Netflix just released a new official trailer of an Asian- American animation called Wish Dragon. You have heard of a genie in a bottle, but never a dragon in a teapot…. Wish Dragon delivers a new take on friendship by showing a young man who is willing to do anything to rekindle a childhood connection with the help of a fuzzy,

magical dragon who was trapped in a teapot for a thousand years. Follow Din, his childhood friend and a very impatient wish dragon on their epic expedition through the city of Shanghai.

Rated PG for its mild action and humor, this movie is anticipated by many to be a pleasantly cultured journey for the whole family. From the Academy Award winning producer of Shrek, Wish Dragon features animation by Sony, music by Philip Klein and writing and directing by Chris Appelhans. This movie stars an all-Asian cast including Jimmy Wong, John Cho, Constance Wu and Natasha Liu Bordizzo.

Let Netflix take you on an otherworldly voyage of discovery. The official trailer shows Din, the main

character, as he races through China with only the power of friendship and a talking dragon on his side. The Wish Dragon trailer is a ride full of beautiful colors and amazing music by The Everlove. The song Everything I Need breathes life into Din and his best friend’s connection throughout their childhood and gives a great nostalgic feel to the trailer. Wonderful things can be expected to come out of this movie.

Wish Dragon will be available for everyone’s viewing pleasure on Netflix on June 11th of this year. Soon this amazing adventure will be only a click away. I think, I speak for all kids, movie lovers and Asian culture enthusiast when I say, “we can’t wait.”