PANIC: The Upcoming Thriller-Game Show To Binge-Watch

Get ready to face your fears on May 28 with PANIC. Starring Olivia Welch and Mike Faist, this show takes you on a rollercoaster of thrills, fears, and most importantly panic. The kind of panic that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The show is based on the best-selling novel ‘Panic’ by Lauren Oliver. It’s about a game called panic that’s filled with a series of challenges that the competitors of Carp have to complete. Last one standing on top wins 50,000$! This year’s most notable competitors is surprisingly Heather who claims she’s never been fearless a day in her life and not so surprisingly Dodge who’s never been scared of the game. However, within the game secrets are unraveled and lives are at risk. 

Lauren Oliver herself was very involved in the making of the series. She was the executive producer of the show as well as the writer and creator of it all.  So, my bet is that the series will be very similar to the book. This is great, considering how many adaptations were butchered. 

So, the trailer starts off with Heather taking a deep breath. Seems like she’s about to do something daunting! It goes on with sneak peeks of the challenges the competitors take on. Challenges along the lines of, being trapped in the trunk of a car, and being chased by a tiger. Yikes!

The trailer continues with Heather’s back story of how she came to compete in Panic. To break it down, she’s stuck in a poor town dead on her luck. She keeps looking for a way out and winning (more like surviving) Panic and using the money to go to college is it. However, the farther along she plays the games, the more she learns that everyone playing has a story, a secret, and that the game might be fixed. The cops are on the case trying to find out who’s organizing this apparent deathtrap but the whole town is in on it so they have quite the challenge.

I hope Heather comes out alive in this game of survival. Also, what is everyone hiding? What lies is the town so full of? PANIC is not a thriller to be missed. All 10 episodes will be released on May 28 on Amazon Prime. I won’t be surprised if you binge-watch the show in one night!