HSMTMTS Beauty and the Beast roles revealed!

Season 2 of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series has officially kicked off. The auditions have happened, and the cast of East High’s newest production has been revealed in the second episode of the season. In a turn of events, the musical of this season will be the fairytale classic Beauty and the Beast. Let’s take a long at who will be playing what role.



Ashlyn scored the lead female role as Belle, beating out new girl, Lily, who thought the role was hers because of her theater experience. After watching Ashlyn nail her audition by performing a group ensemble with Kourtney and Gina, we are very excited to see her as Belle this season.

The Beast


None other than our lead boy, Ricky, who we saw as the lead role of Troy Bolton in season 1 of HSMTMTS, will be playing the Beast. Although not a surprising choice for the Beast, we are still excited to watch Ricky take on this new role in season 2.

Mrs. Potts


Kourtney will be taking on the role of Mrs. Potts for the musical. After watching her audition with Ashlyn and Gina and seeing how fierce she looks on stage, we can’t wait to see how she plays this character.



Carlos will be taking on the role of Lumiere for this performance. This seems to be a great fit, and we have no doubt his performance will be a fun—and sassy—version of the role.



Big Red will be starring in the musical as the character LeFou. His tap-dancing audition earned much support from his peers, and it’ll be fun to see how he portrays this character on the stage.



Seb will be taking on the role of Chip, our favorite teacup. The casting here seems to be perfect with how happy and light-hearted Seb is, and it’ll be fun watching what he does with this new role.



Gina has landed the role as Featherduster. After originally backing out of the group audition with Ashlyn and Kourtney, we are so happy that she decided to get up on stage with them and blow the crowd away! There are no doubts she will be perfect as this character.



EJ will be starring as none other than Gaston. After originally not planning on auditioning for Beauty and the Beast, he will be playing the rival of the Beast, which puts him at odds with Ricky once again. We are excited to see him in this role!

Who will be playing Cogsworth?


Cogsworth is the pendulum clock who is fiercely loyal to the Beast and always trying to calm him down. He is also the counterpart to Lumiere, so it would need to be someone who can pair up with Carlos and deliver some comic relief while still being the voice of reason among the group. Our guess is this role will probably go to one of the new guest stars this season. That could be Andrew Barth Feldman, who will be joining HSMTMTS season 2 as French exchange student, Antonie. Roman Banks, who joins this season as Howie, a delivery guy from Big Red’s family pizza restaurant. Or possibly even Asher Angel from the Disney show Andi Mack who will also be joining the cast this season.



Wardrobe is a former opera singer turned wardrobe. She is very sweet and happy and tries to comfort Belle by swearing to her the Beast isn’t as bad as he seems. While she is a more minor character in the story, we believe it might be the perfect role for Nini. Although Nini is at the Young Actors Conservatory in Denver during the Beauty and the Beast auditions, there may still be a possibility that we’ll see her make an appearance at East High again and Wardrobe would be our best bet for the role she would play. And let’s be real, we’re hoping to get the chance to see Nini sing Aria because she has a powerful voice that would be perfect for the song.

How right were our predictions?

Honestly, some of these choices caught us by surprise, but in the best way. In our previous article when we made predictions about the Beauty and the Beast role call, we were right about who would be casted as Gaston, LeFou, and the Beast. We could not have predicted some of the other casting choices, but we are certain HSMTMTS made the right call.

We are even more excited for this season and cannot wait to see our favorite characters fulfill their new Beauty and the Beast roles!