The Perfect Score: Where are they now?

Looking to indulge in the nostalgia of the early 2000s? Well, we’ve got a blast from the past locked and loaded in the form of that teen comedy The Perfect Score. The Perfect Score is that kind of movie that you forgot ever existed until one day the trailer pops up on your YouTube recommended feed 15 years later. It told the story of 6 hapless teenagers struggling to get a high enough score on the dreaded SAT.

The teens in The Perfect Score were a mix of the average to the nerdy to the grungy. But all were stressing about one test’s impact on the rest of their lives. Growing up is hard enough, but when you add the course of your entire future to the pile, the pressure can be unbearable. So, to ensure their prospects, the teens make it their mission to steal the test answers to give themselves their perfect score.

Larceny aside, The Perfect Score is a relevant story for most high school-aged kids who faced the usual barrage of standardized tests. These tests do very little to exemplify individual students’ intelligence. Yet, often they determine what standard of college students are accepted to. What jobs they’ll get in the future, and what kind of lives they lead. If you’re feeling the pressure of the SAT, be sure to check out The Perfect Score to blow off some steam.

From this relatively little-known film, a few fledgling stars jumped off into bright acting careers. It makes The Perfect Score that much more entertaining to watch again. And to see an impossibly young version of Captain America and Black Widow acting side-by-side. Let’s take a look at what the teens from The Perfect Score are doing today.

Chris Evans – Kyle

In The Perfect Score, Kyle is the leader of the ragtag gang of rebels. Of course, we know him best for his other leadership role as Captain America. You know, the guy who assembles the world’s greatest league of superheroes. Chris has acted in a range of different projects, from comedies like Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World to mystery thrillers like Knives Out. We recommend The Perfect Score to any Chris Evans fans who’d like to see the more mischievous side of Captain America.

Scarlett Johansson – Francesca

The Perfect Score is where Scarlett and Chris met for the first time. (And then would go on to make another eight movies together!). Scarlett plays the unflappable Francesca, who ironically aspires to wear a black catsuit and take down an army of security guards single-handed. Sound familiar? Scarlett Johansson has had an impressive career since her teen drama days. She took on roles in The Prestige, Jojo Rabbit, and Her. And of course, wowing us with her fighting skills as the legendary Black Widow.

Leonardo Nam – Roy

Roy delivered some of the best laughs as the irreverent stoner of the group. The Perfect Score was the breakthrough movie for Leonardo Nam. He went on to star in films like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and its sequel. He also joined the cast of TV series like The Flash and Westworld. And recently appeared in movies like Happy Anniversary and Phobias.  

Erika Christensen – Anna

Erika Christensen portrayed Anna in The Perfect Score, a seemingly perfect student. But Anna was feeling the immense pressure of getting a good grade on the SAT after failed her on her first try. Erika began her acting career on the Disney channel. She acted in one of the classic original Disney channel movies, Can of Worms. She’s kept up her acting career and had a long-running role on the TV drama Parenthood.

Darius Miles – Desmond

In The Perfect Score, Desmond’s worry is whether or not he can muster up a score of 900 on the SAT to attend St. John’s University on a basketball scholarship. Desmond’s story closely parallels Darius Miles’s experience with the SAT. Darius’s acting stint ended after appearing on The Perfect Score. He went on to play basketball for the Los Angeles Clippers, the Portland Blazers, the Boston Celtics, and the Memphis Grizzlies until an injury ended his career in 2009.

Bryan Greenberg – Matty


Matty’s dilemma in The Perfect Score stems from his dread of working with his father if he can’t get a high enough SAT score to go to college. Bryan Greenberg has since kept up his acting career and starred in several seasons of One Tree Hill and the HBO comedy-drama How to Make it in America and The Mindy Project. On the side, Bryan tinkered with a music career. He released two albums titled Waiting for Now and We Don’t Have Forever.

Matthew Lillard – Larry 

Larry’s poor SAT scores seem to have left him aimless and living in his parent’s basement. His little brother Kyle sees him as a grim omen of his future if he bombs the test. Matthew Lillard has gone on to have a prolific film and TV career. He famously portrays Shaggy Rogers in a number of Scooby-Doo reboots, which have crossed over into many TV series, including Supernatural and Teen Titans Go! 

Have you seen The Perfect Score?