PLL: A Look Back At Holden

When fans think of “Pretty Little Liars,” the character of Holden Strauss may not be what first comes to mind. But with only 10 episodes left of the hit Freeform series, we may not have seen the last of Holden.

Holden, played by Shane Coffey, had a pretty significant arc in Season 2. He was an old friend of Aria’s, who retuned to Rosewood after time away. Aria was keeping her relationship with Ezra a secret, so Holden decided to ask her out, and she accepted. But Holden picked up on Aria’s obvious attraction to Ezra. Holden agreed to keep Aria’s secret, saying that he too has secrets to hide from his parents. He and Aria set up a fake relationship of sorts, and thus the “Haria” ship was born.

Later it was revealed that Holden had a heart condition. He had been participating in martial arts, against his parents wishes. And that was the last fans ever saw of the “Haria” relationship. Holden returned briefly in Season 3, where he led Emily to revisit the last time her ex Maya was seen alive.


But this may not be the end for Holden Strauss. Freeform has confirmed that Holden will be returning for the “Pretty Little Liars” final season. He is set to return in Tuesday’s episode entitled “Playtime.” So what does this mean? Is Holden back to come between Aria and Ezra? Or will he be a helpful friend to the Liars? One thing is for sure- Holden’s return will definitely give us answers to a lot of unresolved questions when the show returns for its final 10 episodes, this Tuesday only on Freeform.