Poll: Best Scream Queens Death Scene

With only 2 episodes under their belt, Scream Queens has nonetheless been action (and scream) packed. Lots of murder and mayhem, at the hand of The Red Devil (and Chanel?). And because it’s Ryan Murphy, the murder sequences and subsequent death scenes are epic, elegant, and exquisite. But which has been your favorite so far? Let us know how you feel by voting below!

Mrs. Bean


Death by deep fryer is one hell of a way to go. The entire scene was actually pretty terrifying in that it plays into natural human fears of random accidents having the power to take life…but was it a random accident? Chanel plotted dunking the Kappa House Mother in the (unheated) deep fryer as a means of scaring off all the lame pledges…but best laid plans, etc. Unbeknownst to Chanel, the deep fryer was indeed on, so when she dunked Mrs. Bean’s head in, it literally fried her face off…but even more surprisingly, it killed her? Maybe? Who knows, because later Mrs. Bean’s body disappears.

Chanel #2


In an ode to our addictive relationship with modern technology, Chanel #2 played by Ariana Grande, met her end at the hands of an anonymous texter in a red devil costume, the school’s mascot, but also the school’s serial killer? In true modern fashion, Chanel #2 continues to text her assailant even as he enters the same room as her, and in her death throes after a couple of gnarly stab wounds, Chanel #2 still takes the time to tweet her demise, as opposed to, ya know, calling 911. Epic.

Boone Clemens


At first viewers were shocked that this super elitist, republican, frat douche as played by Nick Jonas turned out to be gay AND nursing a crush on his frat bro bestie Chad Radwell. But then there were even more surprises in the final moments of the premiere episode when The Red Devil came a calling for obnoxious Boone. It was an epic frat house battle where Mr. Clemens came out on the losing end. RIP Boone. But then the final scene of that episode brought another shock as the audience discovers maybe Boone isn’t resting in peace after all?



Awww, poor Coney, we hardly knew thee!!! In “Chainsaw,” the second week’s episode, Dean Munsch announces a change in school mascots from the now controversial and possibly murderous Red Devil to the more innocuous “Coney,” a delicious looking cone of vanilla soft serve. Perhaps territorial over his status as reigning school mascot, the ole Red Devil doesn’t take too kindly to this change, and like the name of the episode entails, destroys our friendly soft serve with a chainsaw. His snow white cone now covered in red, sweet little Coney is delicious no more!

The Great Dicky Dollars Scholars Massacre of 2015


The Dicky Dollars Scholars, the frat-like group that Chad Radwell and Boone belong to, begin to believe that Boone’s death was ruled a suicide in error, duh. They want to seek out the murderer of their fallen comrade, but instead of investigating like Grace is, they naturally take to the streets to cause a ruckus in hopes of bringing the Red Devil out of hiding, which only works all too well. TWO Red Devils appear, chainsaws in hand, and very quickly the quiet street is littered with frat boy body parts. Gore galore!!! Does this confirm Niecey Nash’s theory that there are in fact two red devils working in cahoots? Hmmmmm….

We’ll have to wait and see who precisely is behind the Red Devil costume, but for now, tell us your pick for favorite death scene by voting below!!!

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