March Madness Final Round

It’s the final countdown…the main event…the March Madness Championship! The votes are in and round five of March Madness is ready to begin! If you haven’t stayed up to date, Young Entertainment is holding its very own March Madness tournament, but with a twist. We compiled a list of this year’s best couples from film and television and put them head-to-head to see who is this year’s best couple. Now it is down to the final two.

Which couples made it into the championship? It’s time to find out!

Sarah Cameron and John B – The Outerbanks

John B: “Tell me the happy ending.”

Sarah: “You’re gonna be a fishing instructor, and I’m gonna have a sandwich shop. And we are gonna have a house on the beach and a dog and a boat.”

The star-crossed lovers. Sparks are always flying between John B and Sarah Cameron. John B would risk his life for Sarah, his love for her is evident. She is all he has. They are complex and from completely different worlds. Their love is based on their emotional connection, not their upbringing. It’s a whirlwind romance, but aren’t those the most passionate?

Rue and Jules – Euphoria

“No girl had ever looked at me the way Rue did.” – Jules

Starting from the beginning, Rue was memorized by Jules. She was everything to her. Jules was new, exciting, completely herself. Something Rue couldn’t be. Jules knew this. She knew no one would love her as Rue did. Is that enough, though? In season 2, the pair finally get to explore a relationship, but does Rue’s addiction ruin it all? Or does Jules betray their trust because of Elliot?  Their connection is undeniable. Let’s hope it’s enough.

How will you decide? Choose wisely and let us know who you think should win it all in the comments below! Check out the Young Entertainment Instagram to vote on who is the best couple of 2022!