Pop Newbie LOREN Chases an ‘Echo’

“I never really thought I had a talent. It’s just something I always did. I’ve always been writing, and it’s just something that is a part of me.”

At 15-years-old, singer/songwriter LOREN is just beginning her journey, but she’s already telling her story to the world…through her music. YE got the chance to talk to her about her journey, both personal and musical, as well as her upcoming EP The Dare, out October 16th. The breakthrough single from The Dare is “Echo,” (video below) and it’s streaming now and available for download via iTunes. “Echo” showcases Loren’s maturity both vocally and lyrically. It’s unassuming yet beautifully layered much like the young LOREN herself.


“[The last few months have] been crazy really. I just never thought I’d be here doing this. I’ve always done music, but just never thought of releasing an EP. I couldn’t even think of that a year ago.”

In her first phone interview ever, LOREN’s a bit nervous, but also really proud of the last year and her EP. She describes each song as a different chapter of her life. “They’re each kind of pin points in my life. I’m going through all these different emotions, and I love all [the songs] because of that, but I’d say my favorite overall would be ‘Echo’ because it’s a different sound than I’ve heard before. It was inspired by loss. I wrote about longing for someone who hasn’t been here for a while.“


Other songs on the EP take on differing topics, everything from catty mean girls to the pains of young love. LOREN says her inspiration comes from every part of her life: “Different songs come and go all the time. If there’s something that’s bothering me I’ll write about it, or if something happened long ago that I haven’t gotten over, I’ll write about it. It’s anything that stirs me at the moment.”

When asked about her Top  5 Jams at the moment, LOREN gave us this eclectically awesome playlist:

For more about LOREN, check out her website at www.sheisloren.com. And remember The Dare is out October 16th, or it is available for preorder now on iTunes.

Image Credit: Suzanne Theresa