Premiere: Penelope Robin “Some Girls” music video

(Miami, FL) — In the age of technology it can be easy to forget the power of a child’s imagination. But building a magical world isn’t a problem for singer/songwriter Penelope Robin. Her lyrics bring these feelings to light in her latest single and music video “Some Girls”.

In the powerful piano-driven balad, Robin’s passionate lyrics show the true power of a child’s innocence coupled with their creative spirit. She sings “I do it all in my imagination // I’ve got a castle in the clouds, and the prince will save me somehow // but it’s all in my imagination.” Her bold confidence can often make listeners forget how young she truly is. But she’s able to pull it back to her wonder of it all in a testament to her youthful creativity. “Somebody told me there’s a big world out there and I’m ready to show it, I already know you could still make something from nothing, just close your eyes”.

Penelope Robin began acting at age 5. And since then has developed a true passion for the arts. Her songs include “Little Bitty Heart”, “Lollipops”, and “LIT”. Her most recent single “Sigo Soñando” hit over 4 million views on YouTube. Penelope is currently recording the rest of her album which will be out this year.

Penelope began acting via comedy skits for the Miami sketch comedy show “The Mr. Melvin Show.” She then appeared in various music and art videos. In 2014 she was a part of legendary club dance DJ Tony Moran’s video “Take It All the Way.” Later that year she appeared in Scope during Art Basel Miami as “Penny” – a video art love story between a girl and an owl directed by local Miami celebrity Milcho.

Penelope was cast as a face of Karisma Resorts International Nickelodeon Experience in 2016. In 2017 she performed in the Miami Youth Fair and the Locales Festival. She was selected as one of the winners of the Phil Collins Little Dreams Foundation.

With such amazing talent it’s no surprise she comes from an artistic family. Her mother is a producer and director who has worked with artists from Little Mix to Nile Rodgers. Her father is Grammy Nominated multi-platinum producer and songwriter C-Rod with whom she writes all of her music. C-Rod has worked with artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Lady Gaga, Paulina Rubio, and J-Lo.

Penelope Robin kicking off 2019 strong with the release of “Some Girls”. She’s getting ready to release her debut album and continues to write and perform!

See the premiere of Penelope’s “Some Girls” music video below: