Pretty Little Liars: Where are the Liars now?

The liars of Pretty Little Liars will always have a special place in our hearts. Even if fans haven’t seen them on screen since 2017. A PLL spin-off series is currently airing on Freeform, called Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. The show focuses on Alison and Mona in their newest adventures at Beacon Heights. But fans have yet to see the four core girls of PLL: Aria, Spencer, Hannah, and Emily.

When the original Pretty Little Liars ended, fans found out that Spencer had a secret twin. Aria married the love of her life, Ezra. Hanna is expecting her first child with Caleb. And Emily was continuing her relationship with Alison, and creating a family together with their twin daughters.

Since the show focuses on Alison and Mona, we haven’t seen the Liars on screen together since the original series finale. And with Alison being on her own, that means Alison and Emily are done. In fact, Alison confirmed that the two had broken-up and were divorcing.

Luckily, Freeform informed fans on Twitter that the other Liars were seeing happier times. Aria and Ezra welcomed a baby girl. The baby was named Katherine Ella, with her middle name being after Aria’s mother. We’re sure that little Katherine will become besties with Hanna and Caleb’s baby!

Finally, the biggest surprise is from Spencer. She and Toby eloped! Freeform even uploaded a text exchange between Mona and Spencer on Twitter. And the exchange has some fans questioning if Spencer could be pregnant! Mona asked Spencer if she was expecting. Spencer refused to answer, to which Mona replies “That’s not a no” and she’s certainly right! Who knows- maybe all the Liars will become mothers soon!

These updates will have to hold over fans until the Liar reunite on PLL: The Perfectionists! (We can dream of a reunion, right?) What character update were you most excited to hear about?

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