Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin | Rosewood Easter Eggs


If you were a fan of the original Pretty Little Liars series, you’ve probably been long anticipating a show like Original Sin to come around. The new iteration of the show, which appears exclusively on HBO, surrounds a new “core five” going up against the threat of A. However, where the show does differ from the original in quite a few ways; first, it’s way more adult, with more intense language and violence being pretty common throughout. Also, the group is in a new town, Millwood. Overall, the show has not stayed too close to the original, but we did find one Easter Egg that may suggest a connection between the two towns, Rosewood and Millwood.

About halfway through the fourth episode, we see a pill bottle on-screen. While at face value, nothing seems particularly out of the ordinary with it, if you look closer, the name should sound familiar: Caleb Rivers. For reference, Caleb was a major character in the original show and had a huge place in the storyline, as he not only dated Hanna but also fought alongside the girls to defeat A. Seeing this name is definitely not a coincidence, but what could it mean?

While this namedrop could be regarded as a small treat for eagle-eyed viewers, it’s still interesting to think about the possibility that it isn’t a coincidence. There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not any characters from the old show will show up in Original Sin, and something like this just increases the possibility of that happening. If Caleb does show up, what will his role be on the show? Will he help the group figure out more about A, or could he possibly be working with this new A? Also, what could the pills mean? 

We know that Caleb struggled with some problems with drinking and drugs, so we can’t help but speculate if this has something to do with Caleb having a relapse or possibly being sick with something. If he is sick, it’s definitely interesting to think about what he could be dealing with.  . The pills are from the hospital, so there’s definitely a chance that he’s there with an illness. Also, from the label you can see that they’re painkillers, so Caleb could be living in Millwood and at the hospital with some sickness that’s making him need the pills. Tyler Blackburn, who plays Caleb, has remained very quiet about a possible return to the show, and we can’t help but wonder if the silence is coincidental or purposeful.

One thing that we do know for sure is that PLL is always throwing the craziest plot twists at us, so we can’t rule out the possibility that Caleb, and maybe some other character will return. Be sure to catch up with the new core five, Imogen, Noa, Faran, Minnie, and Tabby, on Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, streaming on HBO Max. Want more PLL? Don’t forget to keep up with YEM’s exclusive upcoming content about the show and characters when episodes are released!

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