Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin | YEM Exclusive Game with Sara Shepard

If you’re a fan of the Pretty Little Liars franchise, we have a treat for you! YEM got the chance to sit down with Sara Shepard, the author of the original PLL books, and play a fun game of “most likely to” about the characters from the original show and the reboot! We also have a full interview with Sara on our website, so be sure to check that out as well! 

Sara knows all of the old characters pretty well, so a lot of her answers were referencing the OG cast. We went through a lot of crazy, silly questions and had Sara try to think of the best answer of who would be most likely to do what the questions said. It was so fun to hear Sara’s perspective on each character and the questions. It was also great to revisit some of the old cast and look into their characters again. We asked Sara questions like “who’s most likely to marry their best friend?” and “who’s most likely to eat something off the ground?” so there was quite a range of answers. 

Some of the answers were definitely a surprise, so you’ll want to tune in to hear what Sara says! Talking about the old cast was also great because with the new series, Original Sin, fresh in our minds, we were reminded of some of the ways the old characters compare to the new ones. Here at YEM, we love all things PLL, and we’re so grateful we got this opportunity to get more insight into the characters from the person who created them! 

If you’re a fan of the PLL book and TV series, you’ll definitely want to be sure to tune in to this game and hear all about who Sara thinks is “most likely to!” Be sure to catch up with the new “core five,” Imogen, Noa, Faran, Minnie, and Tabby on Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, which is streaming on HBO Max. Want more PLL? Don’t forget to keep up with YEM’s exclusive upcoming content about the show and check out our full interview with Sara!