PRYMRR debuts newest music video

PRYMRR is an actress, dancer, rapper, singer and model. She released her first rap single at age twelve. She garnered international attention for her lead role in Sia’s “Never Give Up” music video. Now, she’s releasing a music video of her own, called GAMBLiN’. YEM spoke with PRYMRR about her career and her new music!

Young Entertainment Mag: You just released your newest music video called “GAMBLiN’.” What was it like to film the video? 

PRYMRR: I had a blast making the GAMBLiN’ music video. I got to work with some new people and people I’ve known since I was little too. I am thankful that one of my closest dance friends was able to do the choreo for me. We got to include a lot of local spots and people. Even one of close friends did my makeup. We had a small crew but we were able to really put together an really amazing video and made some memories. I have a strong team and I love everyone who helped put this together and who believes in me.

YEM: You have great dance moves! How long did you train for the choreography in the video? 

PRYMRR: We learned and practiced the choreo in two days. We are all very quick at learning choreo. My choreographer in this video is an industry dancer who at age 15 has danced on SNL and in Childish Gambino’s “This is America” music video which already has over 400 million views. And I’ve known him since I was two. We have so many stories. So it is easy for us to dance together.

YEM: You began dancing before you began singing! How did you find singing as a passion of yours? 

PRYMRR: I have always been connected to music. I started with ballet and my mom told me my instructors always noticed that I understood music. I’m not always good with words, but music helps me express myself. I like using my whole body with dance, but sometimes you wonder how many people really notice the background dancers, because there is always a performer that is the center of attention. And that’s the place I want. I’ve always been a big fan of Michael Jackson and he could dance and sing, so that was inspiration. I had already been singing for fun and I was already rapping in group projects. A few jobs wanted me to rap in auditions. At first I was getting frustrated, but then finally found my place with it. I hope to drop lots of new stuff with singing, rapping, and dancing so follow and watch.  

YEM: You’re a hip-hop artist and rapper. What has your experience been like as a young girl in the rap/hip-hop scene? 

PRYMRR: I do okay cause I get along with guys better than girls. Ive been a tomboy my whole life. I even only wore boy clothes for many years when I was little. Also, I like to show that girls can do anything they want, even if it has always been something mostly guys do. I have run into some adult men in the music industry who think I cannot do what I want because I’m a young girl. But I don’t let them get to me, I just move on and do what I’m gonna do. But I never have to talk to them because the proof is in my work. And anyway I have a lot more supporters than haters.

YEM: You previously worked with SIA! What was that experience like? 

PRYMRR: The production for Sia’s video was a small group so it was fun. I like to get a little crazy on set. That can be a bad thing or a good thing depending on the set teacher. On Sia’s video, we got to be creative and really play. There was fake dirt and I felt it just wasn’t dirty enough so I got real dirt and covered myself.

And I really connected with the director. So there are parts in the video that were improvised by me. It was very important to Sia that my role be done by a dancer, because since my face was covered and the video really needed a lot of strong emotions, Sia felt only a dancer could show that through her body. When the video dropped, it was both frustrating and a compliment to be mistaken for Maddie Zeigler. Some articles were even saying it was the best performance yet in a Sia video, which is a giant compliment.

YEM: If you could collaborate with anyone else in the industry, who would it be and why?

PRYMRR: If I got to pick who I’d work with in the industry, that would be super hard because there are so many amazing performers out there that I look up to like Eminem, Logic, Shawn Mendes, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Maddie Zeigler, and Snow the Product. Some are old school, some are singers or rappers or dancers, and some are more independent in their style. I couldn’t just pick one.

YEM: What’s ahead for you? Will you be touring or releasing more music? 

PRYMRR: It’s a secret! No, just kidding. I will definitely be releasing some more songs. Also, I hope to plan out a tour. I have a few different opportunities so it just depends what works out there. And I know fans have been asking for tours so I will try to see what is the best plan for that. Stay tuned!