Marvel’s Runaways star Rhenzy Feliz talks Season 2

2018 has been a big year for the Marvel cinematic universe, and for the Marvel TV universe too! In fact, the Hulu series Marvel’s Runaways is premiering its second season this week. Marvel’s Runaways is based off the comic series of the same name, and the show stars Gregg Sulkin and Rhenzy Feliz. YEM spoke with the series star Rhenzy Feliz, who plays Alex on the show. He told us about his experience in the Marvel universe, what fans can expect in Season 2, and who his favorite superhero is.

Young Entertainment Mag: Marvel legend Stan Lee just passed away recently, but he had another one of his signature cameos on Runways. Do you have any interesting stories from that experience?

Rhenzy Feliz: How open he was to try anything. I guess the part was fairly simple obviously, but it was great how he would improvise a bit. We all had some good laughs. I wish I could remember specifically what some of the lines were but he’d switch it up every take there towards the end. After we knew we’d gotten what we needed, we played around for a bit. That was definitely fun.

YEM: Have you read the Runaways comics? Or is every table read a complete surprise for you?

Rhenzy: I haven’t read them ALL. I’ve read all of the first volume which is where our story is sort of taking place for the time being. But there is plenty of new ideas that the writers are coming up as we go. With this version we sort of get to dive deeper, take more time to flesh out the stories and characters so there’s definitely still surprises. I have a feeling theres never really going to be a lack of those on our show.

YEM: The show basically puts you and your friends against all of your parents in what is building up to be a cat-and-mouse story in season 2. You may be bitter rivals with each other on the show, but what is the relationship like with your parent actors behind the scenes?

Rhenzy: Oh I love them. They’re all so giving and open. We don’t get to spend too much time this season unfortunately but there were a few times there going into late nights where we did and they’re so much fun to be around. Theres a lot to learn from them and you get to see people who have been doing this for as long as I’ve been alive and how they handle the late nights and all. I love it when we get to share scenes.

YEM: The romance has been blooming with your co-stars, but is Alex finally gonna get some love in season 2?

Rhenzy: Oh yes he is

MARVEL’S RUNAWAYS — “Fifteen” – Episode 104 – The parents try to find a solution to PRIDE’s problem, and the kids grapple with a new discovery that yields more questions than answers. Alex Wilder (Rhenzy Feliz), shown. (Photo by: Greg Lewis/Hulu)

YEM: Marvel’s Runaways was created by the minds behind another very popular teen series, Gossip Girl. Were you aware of that going in?

Rhenzy: Oh for sure. I have a couple friends who were big fans of the show, actually like a few months before I’d even auditioned for runaways my best friend put the first few episodes on. I’d never seen the show before and kind of liked that insider world of the rich kids! And now look at me.

YEM: Runaways is more family-friendly than Gossip Girl and isn’t for as mature of an audience. Were you surprised by that?

Rhenzy: I guess not. I didn’t watch much more than the first few episodes so I don’t really know how mature it gets, but is there murder? Because our show has at least 20 and counting.

YEM: Behind the scenes, do you see you and your superpowered co-stars as a Breakfast Club-style rat pack?

Rhenzy: haha I guess you could say that. We all love each other but I feel like we were much more open to each other to begin with then them maybe.

YEM: If you could be any other of the runaways on the show, who would you be, and why?

Rhenzy: Molly, I want that POWER!

MARVEL’S RUNAWAYS — “Fifteen” – Episode 104 – The parents try to find a solution to PRIDE’s problem, and the kids grapple with a new discovery that yields more questions than answers. Alex Wilder (Rhenzy Feliz), shown. (Photo by: Greg Lewis/Hulu)

YEM: That hair, how long does it take to put that together? Do you have to keep your hair a certain length?

Rhenzy: I actually pride myself on being the one with the shortest time in hair and make up. From wake up look to on screen look it takes about 15-20 minutes. In and out. And I guess no one has told me I’m NOT allowed to cut it. But I don’t think they’d appreciate that much.

YEM: Any idea if you and the other runaways will ever make an appearance in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe?

Rhenzy: Time will tell. Fingers crossed.

YEM: Speaking of the MCU, any predictions for what will happen in the highly anticipated 4th Avengers movie?

Rhenzy: Your guess is as good as mine. I mean obviously Captain Marvel is going to have to have a huge part. I gotta see what she’s able to do though when her solo movie comes out because how can you stop Thanos right now. Actually while watching the first one about 10 minutes into the movie I lean over to my friend and I say “How are they gonna beat this guy? It’s impossible”. He goes “We’ll see”. But we didn’t see- they got beat down. Loved the movie though!

YEM: Finally, who is your favorite superhero of all time?

Rhenzy: My mom

Season 2 of Marvel’s Runaways premieres on Hulu December 21st!