Ranking of Disney Channel Movie Sequels

After two years of waiting for more of The Isle, we are only a few days away from the premiere of Descendants 2. This Friday, Disney Channel is bringing us back to Auradon, where Disney’s most royal offspring go to school. But that’s not all we’ve been waiting for- we’ve also been wanting more of The Isle of the Lost. The Isle was home to villain kids Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos before they all took a turn for the better. It’s guaranteed to be well worth the wait, and the highlight of the summer for Disney Channel fans.

To prepare for the latest DCOM sequel, let’s look back at all the Disney Channel Original Movie sequels that came before it, and rank which ones are the best.

8. Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board

This movie was a sequel to the 1999 DCOM, Johnny Tsunami. And honestly, the original movie wasn’t great to begin with. It was a about a boy (who isn’t named Johnny Tsunami, btw) who is a surfer, but is moving to Vermont and has to learn to skateboard. And in this sequel, he’s skating? Biking? Riding? Who knows. I’m still annoyed that his name isn’t really Johnny Tsunami.

7. Twitches Too

This sequel wasn’t as great as the original, but it’s the Mowry sisters! Who doesn’t love Tia and Tamera?!? Seriously, that’s all a movie really needs. And honestly, it’s all this sequel had.

6. Zenon: The Zequel

The first DCOM sequel ever made! And what better character than Zenon to be the first to get her own sequel? The original Zenon is one of the most iconic Disney Channel films. But while Zenon is a great character, the sequel doesn’t have Raven, or the song “Supernova Girl”, and that’s not acceptable.

5. Teen Beach 2

This movie is super cute, and the cast is great. In this movie, the characters from Wet Side Story enter the real world, much like Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell entered their world in 2013. The movie is good, but it hasn’t quite reached Disney Channel movie-musical royalty status, the way that these next movies have….

4. Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

This sequel had everything. It had the Jonas Brothers, Demi & Joe romance, and a love interest for Nick Jonas. (Oh, and Kevin Jonas was there too). This sequel was exactly what Jonas fans were waiting for- until the ending. It’s Camp Rock vs. Camp Star, and Camp Rock loses??? That’s not okay.

3. High School Musical 2

I’m sure everyone was expecting this sequel to be ranked at the top, but hear me out. This sequel was great, the songs were amazing and memorable, and the Zanessa feels were IN-SANE. But, we miss East High. This sequel took place at the Evan’s family’s country club, where Sharpay spends the summer being fabulous, and setting her eyes on Troy. But her plans fall through when Gabriella, Chad, and the entire East High crew get jobs at the country club. This sequel left us needing more, and we had to wait until HSM 3 to see our favorite Wildcats in action.

2. Halloweentown 2: Kalabar’s Revenge

This movie is an oldie- but a goodie. Watching Halloweentown every year in the fall has become a Disney Channel tradition. But this sequel takes a darker turn. We see much more of the contrast between our world and Halloweentown. And if you ask me, Kal is a much darker villain than his father, Kalabar, was in the first movie. The movie ends with Marnie doing what no witch has ever done before, re-opening the portal between our world and Halloweentown. If you haven’t wished you could visit Halloweentown, you’re lying.

And the best sequel ever made by Disney Channel is…

1. The Cheetah Girls 2

Cheetahs! This sequel takes our favorite Cheetahs overseas to the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. Our four cheetahs are as talented as ever, singing and dancing their hearts out. There was drama, romance, and each character fully grew into their own. (This movie had the same director as High School Musical and Descendants, so if you like those movies, you’ll love this one). This was the last time our Cheetahs were all together before Raven broke our hearts and left the group. But for this last shining moment, our Cheetah Girls filled the streets of Spain with serious growl- power. Seriously, it’s impossible not to love this sequel.

Which Disney Channel sequel was your favorite? Comment and tune in to Descendants 2, airing this Friday on Disney Channel!