“That’s So Raven” Characters We Want To See In “Raven’s Home”

If you could gaze into the future, you might think life would be a breeze” After 10 years, Raven Baxter is returning to Disney Channel. This time, the teen psychic, played by Raven Symone, is a mother of twins. Along with her BFF, Chelsea Daniels, she’s navigating motherhood- something no psychic vision could have prepared her for.

“That’s So Raven” was a record-breaking show for Disney Channel, running for 100 episodes and leading to the first ever Disney Channel spin-off (remember Cory in the House?) With so many great episodes and visions, let’s take a look back at the most memorable characters of “That’s So Raven,” and hope that we see them in “Raven’s Home.”

Eddie Thomas

Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie- the three best friends that anyone could have. This friendship was such an important part of the show. Every time Raven’s visions got her into trouble, her two best friends always had her back. We’re so happy that Raven has her best girl, Chelsea, by her side, and it’s only fitting that Eddie would show up every once in a while to join them. Plus, both Raven and Chelsea are single now, so maybe these friends could become more than friends… (Any Raven/Eddie, Chelsea/Eddie shippers out there?)

Cory Baxter

The single best little brother ever. We saw Kyle Massey grow up on the show, and then get a show of his own! Fans of “That’s So Raven” must be wondering what Cory is up to- Does he still have a band? Does he keep in touch with The Juicer? Has he finally thought of a scheme to make himself a millionaire??? We need answers!

Mr. Baxter

Honestly, I just want to know if he’s still cooking for the president. Living in the white house sounded like a pretty sweet gig. But maybe he returned to San Fransisco and is franchising “The Chill Grill.” I’m sure Grandpa Baxter will show up for the holidays.


This adorable, smooth talking kid was always causing trouble. But everything he did, he did it because he loved Raven. And because he wanted a cheese sandwich. I feel like Stanley either hasn’t been seen in years, or is somehow taking over the world.


Loca was a tough cookie, but she was arguably the best member of Alana’s crew. She could kick anyone’s butt, but she had a soft side, and she was loyal through and through. You need someone to take care of some “dirty work”? Loca is your girl.

Ben Sturky

If Stuart Minkus could show up on Girl Meets World, Ben Sturky could show up at Raven’s Home.


Sydney was a foster kid who used humor as a coping mechanism. After meeting her while volunteering, Raven took Sydney under her wing. She showed her to have compassion for others, and gave her a chance to shine. Sydney had dreams of being a comedian, and her honorary big sister Raven always encouraged her. Think of how sweet it would be to see a reunion between these two.

Boyz In Motion

We need more Boyz in Motion. They gave us their devotion.

Raven’s Home premieres this Friday on Disney Channel.