Raya & The Last Dragon – Trailer


Imagine a time of war and divided people…oh, and dragons!

Well that’s how Raya’s story begins. Walt Disney Animation Studios has just released an exciting trailer for their new film, Raya and the Last Dragon. This movie takes us along on the journey of Raya (voice by Kelly Marie Tran) and her search to find the legendary last dragon.

Kumandra was a once peaceful home to Raya, but now is a divided land full of conflicting people. Encouraged by her father, she believes their is a way to unite the people once again, and it’s up to her. Raya embarks on an adventure to locate the last dragon, in hopes of this being the solution to her world’s problems.

A long time ago in Kumandra, dragons and humans lived peacefully with one another. Sadly, one day evil forces came and threatened humanity. The dragons all sacrificed themselves for the people. Legend has it, there is one dragon left in the world, hidden away where no one knows. Now, the fate of her home and its people, is in her hands. That evil has returned and is threatening all. But will finding this dragon truly be enough to save the world?

On her journey, Raya learns the importance of teamwork and trust, with a little help from Sisu (voice by Awkwafina), the legendary dragon. Together, they just may have what it takes to be heroes to Kumandra.

On March 5 of this year, the movie will premier and there’s a lot to look forward to with this one, from the thrilling storyline to the high quality animation in this movie, we’re all excited! Really, does Disney ever disappoint?