Reuby Wood from “Better Nate Than Ever” plays guess the Disney Broadway Show (Video Content)

Rueby Wood is an actor who can be seen in the film Better Nate Than Ever. Better Nate Than Ever follows 13-year-old Nate Foster who is an unpopular kid who entertains vivid fantasies of becoming a big Broadway musical star. However, he struggles to even get roles in his high school play. The movie was released on Disney+ on April 1st 2022. In the film Rueby portrays the character of Nate Foster. Rueby took the time to play a game with YEM that had a fun musical theatre connection to the film Better Nate Than Ever. In the game Rueby had to guess the musical by some lyrics of a song in the show.

YEM put together a game for Rueby to play. He had to guess the name of the broadway show by listening to a few of the lyrics from a song that is part of the well known broadway musical. Rueby was the perfect person to play this game. He was extremely invested and made the game so interesting. The game is extremely fun and there were some fun musicals that were incorporated into the game such as The Lion King, Newsies, and Beauty and The Beast.  A few other beloved musicals were incorporated as well. It is all extremely fun! The game is connected to Rueby’s film Better Nate Than Ever because his character Nate dreams of being a broadway star. So what better game to play than this one?

Make sure to watch the full game in the video below in order to see how Rueby does at it. You can see how Rueby does and how good his musical theatre knowledge really is. Do not forget to watch Rueby’s film Better Nate Than Ever. The movie can be steamed on Disney+ and it is an absolutely amazing film.