Bonner Black – The Next Breakout Star

We reached out and now here she is – Bonner Black is breaking into her own, becoming who she is, and saying it in her own way. Lucky enough we got to chat with her and here’s what she had to say (And for a sneak peek of one of her songs, look below):

How old were you when you started singing?

I studied classical ballet very seriously before I started singing. I would always write songs and sing in my bedroom and when I was 13 I realized that singing was my passion. I made my first trip to nashville when I was 14 for a vocal lesson with Jamie Wigginton and after that I was hooked. Ballet will always be in my heart, but music is my passion! 

Are your parents supportive of your career choice?

Yes! I honestly have the best parents in the world. My mother is a former math teacher and she put her life on hold so she could homeschool my sister and me and take me to Nashville all the time (along with taking care of my very atheletic little sister). My dad is very very involved as well. He’s kind of my business side kick and helps me make a lot of decisions. I’m very blessed to have them. We’re a team and I love them more than anything. 

Where does the inspiration for your music come from?

Well I grew up singing along with my daddy who plays guitar as a hobby. I’d sit next to him and he’d play stuff like The Eagles, Willie Nelson, Alan Jackson, The Doobie Brothers and a bunch of other stuff. My mom had me listening to Norah Jones and John Mellencamp. As I got older, my favorites were Shania Twain, Heart, and Faith Hill. It’s a lot of different stuff, but if you listen to my music, you’ll hear a little bit of everything! 

Tell us a little about your lyrics?

My lyrics are my silly little thoughts that I made rhyme! (: 

How long does it take you to write song?

Its hard to say. I’ve written songs in 10 minutes, an hour, 3 hours… But I always finish them in one sitting. I never just write half a song. If I do that, it will eat at me the rest of the day and I won’t be able to think straight!  


If someone told you, you were the next Taylor Swift, how would you feel?

I’m not the next Taylor Swift! I’m the first Bonner Black! 

Who do you listen too?

Oh my heavens a whole bunch of different stuff. I tend to like older stuff though. Heart, Billy Joel, Boston, King Harvest, Areosmith, Lionel Richie. Just a bunch of different stuff!! 

And do you have a favorite book and why, or what book are you now reading?

Anything shakespeare! Once I was spending the night with a friend and we were staying in her guest house. I woke up at the 3 in the morning and I got so scared because I kept hearing noises outside, so I pulled out my iPod and read “A midsummer night’s Dream” in about 2 hours! It’s probably my favorite. I also love Edgar Allen Poe’s poetry and stories. My best fried and I have contests on who can memorize his stuff the fastest. I can recite   “Annabell Lee” in my sleep! I’m kind of a geek haha!!!


Listen to one of Bonner’s songs on us – 

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