Riverdale: Graduation *Spoiler warning*

With high school coming to an end, graduation must mean smooth sailing from here out for the Riverdale gang, right? Of course not. Last night’s episode of Riverdale (Season 5, Episode 3) proved it will be anything but that.

After discovering Jellybean was behind the videos going around town, FP decided to move Jellybean and himself to Toledo, where her mother lives. Jughead stayed blaming himself for his sister going down this dark path.

Archie learned that it would be impossible for him to complete his schoolwork over the summer. Not only will he not be graduating with his peers, but he most repeat his senior year. This, on top of missing his father at the ceremony while watching others enjoy the moment with theirs, makes it an emotional night for Archie, tearing up at graduation. Feeling lost, Archie decides he should join the military. So he signs up with the Army recruiters.

Most of our couples are struggling after this episode as well. Betty confessed her kiss with Archie to Jughead, and while he seemed to take it well, there was an obvious awkwardness following between the two. At the end of the episode, they agree to go their separate ways as Betty heads to New Haven. Cheryl revealed that she has decided to stay and revive the Blossom family business, leaving Toni to go off to college by herself.

The gang had also created a time capsule and promised they would meet every year. But at the end, we see Jughead is the only one to return at first. “It’d be six years before I saw my friends again,” Jughead says in the scene, when they will be brought together again by “a new crisis, a new mystery.” 

It makes a lot of sense that this episode was originally supposed to be a season finale. There were lots of emotion, and definitely going to be a lot of change in the next episode.

Are you ready to see what comes next on Riverdale?