The ‘Riverdale’ Killer: Who murdered Jason Blossom?

After a long season of waiting, the time has finally come. It will finally be revealed who murdered Jason Blossom. Before tonight’s episode, let’s take a look at who could, and who couldn’t have, committed the crime.


Let’s start easy, who definitely didn’t do it:

Veronica Lodge

This sassy member of the Core Five (we included Kevin) is the newest kid to Riverdale. She didn’t show up in the halls of Riverdale until after the school year started, meaning she was no where near Riverdale when the murder took place. Did she even know Jason? What motive could she have had? Ronnie is in the clear.

Archie Andrews

Archie has an alibi- he was with Miss Grundy during the murder. He heard the gunshot- so obviously he wasn’t the one who shot Jason. And let’s be honest: everyone loves Archie, but is he really smart enough to plan and execute murder? I don’t think so.


Now things get a little sticky. Here are some characters who probably didn’t do it, but are still pretty suspicious:

Polly Cooper

Before it was found out Polly was pregnant with Jason’s baby and sent away, we had reason to believe that Polly and Jason had a not-so-perfect relationship. It’s possible that she could have murdered Jason, and then made up the plan about running away with him to clear her name. She’s not completely innocent-but could she have committed murder? Especially when she’s pregnant with his twins? And why would she have been snooping around the Blossom house if she had something to do with it? Something isn’t right here, but I doubt it’s murder.

The Blossoms (Mr. Blossom, Mrs. Blossom, and Grandma Blossom)
Okay let’s face it: the Blossoms family is creepy with a capital C. They definitely seem suspicious, and their rocky relationship with Jason gives them motive. Would they really kill their own son? It’s possible, but don’t think it’s likely. They planned on Jason taking over the family business (and the three don’t seem to think Cheryl could’ve handled it). Jason didn’t want to take over the family business- but would that really lead to murdering him? This leaves the Blossom estate with no heir, which was not something Cheryl and Jason’s parents would have want. These two are awful parents, but it’s doubtful they’re awful enough to murder their own flesh and blood.


It gets tricky from here on out. Here are some characters that may not have done it, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

Jughead Jones

Jughead said, “He’s weird. He’s a weirdo. He doesn’t fit in and he doesn’t want to.” Jughead has an anti-social personality that would make anyone suspicious. He clearly has something to hide, with not much to lose. Around the time of Jason’s murder, Jughead was lost in his own mind. His family torn apart, and he was fighting with his best friend, Archie. Not to mention he was writing a novel (about Riverdale), and needed inspiration. Could Jughead have murdered Jason just to get a juicy story for his novel? Let’s hope not- Jughead is our fave and we don’t want to see him suffer! Say it ain’t so Juggy!

Betty Cooper

Everyone thinks of Betty as the sweet girl next door, but throughout the season she can be anything but. Remember Dark Betty who tortured Chuck? Betty definitely has a dark side, and not just in a fun and wild way, but in a deadly way. She definitely had motive- Jason hurt her sister, and Betty would do anything to protect Polly. She comes from an aggressive family, so anger and aggression are in her blood. She admitted to Jughead she has anger issues that she doesn’t know how to control. If she was going to let out all that anger, Jason Blossom would be the perfect victim. But would sweet Betty really do that? Especially when she’s working with Jughead to find out the murderer? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, more Dark Betty!


Now here comes the fun part: the potential killers. Here are some people that would be SO believable as the murderer.

The Coopers

Admit it, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper are pretty messed up. They’re angry, violent, and have no problem sending their daughter away without remorse. They have a lifelong feud with the Blossoms, and a bad relationship with Jason in particular after he dated Polly and got her pregnant. They took care of Polly by sending her away: could they have murdered Jason to get him out of the picture? Seems more than possible. Not to mention, they were the only ones that knew about Jason and Polly’s plan to run away together, meaning they knew exactly where Jason would be on July 4th. As far as I can see, all signs point to them.

Miss Grundy/Miss Grundy’s former husband

Grundy may have left Riverdale, but there was definitely something fishy about her that was never cleared up. She was Jason’s former teacher, was with Archie at the lake when Jason was murdered, and kept a gun in her purse. Sounds like a murderer to me! Fans of ‘Riverdale’ have started a theory that Grundy’s ex-husband could be the killer. She described her ex-husband as dangerous. Some believe that the ex-husband found out about Archie’s affair with Grundy, could’ve wanted revenge on Archie, but ended up killing Jason by mistake! It’s possible: both Archie and Jason have similar red hair, they’re both on the football team, seems probable to me. But now only time will tell.

There are definitely other characters that could be the culprit, but don’t have as obvious of a motive. Who could it have been? Cheryl? Josie? Kevin? A parent? ETHEL? We can’t know for sure, but thankfully, we don’t have to wait much longer. All will be revealed on tonight’s ‘Riverdale’, only on the CW.


‘Riverdale’ is on Thursday nights at 9PM EST on the CW.


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