Roger Dale Floyd shares what it’s like to star in Greenland

Roger Dale Floyd made a big impression last year during his role in STX Films’ “Greenland.” Roger Dale Floyd stared as ‘Nathan’ (Gerard Butler’s son) which premiered in August. The film centered around a family who struggles for survival in the face of a cataclysmic natural disaster. Roger was also recently seen as ‘Young Danny’ in Stephen King’s “Doctor Sleep” and as ‘Cameron Mahkent’ in DC and CW’s “Stargirl”.  Check out YEM’s interview with Roger Dale Floyd about his career and what’s next!

Young Entertainment Mag: What made you want to become and actor? 

Roger Dale Floyd: I started acting when I was five. My dad is an actor too. I would see him in a TV show or taping an audition and I just knew that is what I wanted to do. I told my dad that when I was four, but he told me to give it a year. A year later, I still wanted to pursue it, so he started teaching me. 

YEM: Tell us about your character Nathan from the film Greenland.

Roger: Nathan loves space and so do I. He’s really excited about the comet Clark until things don’t exactly work out the way everyone thinks it will. He loves his family. He has Type 1 diabetes. Which can be scary for him and his family. He is definitely brave and he never gives up, no matter what. 

YEM: What was it like being on the set of Greenland? What was it like working with Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin?

Roger: It was a lot of fun. There were times that were very serious and intense, things that can way heavy on you emotionally. Then there was the stuff that made me laugh until I cried. There was always time to have fun.

Working with Gerry and Morena was awesome. They both taught me a lot. Morena and I have a lot of scenes on our own in the movie. She helped guide me to some really important emotional and mental places. I loved working with both of them. Great movie parents! 

YEM: Did they give you any tips on acting?

Roger: They both helped me with my scenes and character, and so did Ric. I think the best tip was to always work hard and stay focused. My parents have always taught me that too, so I think it’s a great tip. 

YEM: Greenland is an intense, action movie. How did you get into character as Nathan? Did you do a lot of running in the movie? 

Roger: Yes, it’s super intense. Things get scary, too. It’s awesome because the story is really exciting, lots of action. It’s also a movie about family and hope.

For Greenland, one of the first things I did was learn about Type 1 diabetes. Nathan wears a small insulin pump that clips to his pants. I learned how a real pump works and what it’s like to have Type 1 diabetes. We met with a nurse who taught us a lot. My dad helped me with my character and then Ric, Morena, and Gerry helped guide me once we were on set. Perfect teamwork. There was lots of running.

YEM: You’ve been acting since you were five. What are some lessons you’ve learned about acting while working on movies?

Roger: Listen, listen, listen. Listening helps make you a better actor. Listening and paying close attention to your fellow actors, director, and everyone on the set. It’s the best way to learn. Also, focus like a laser and don’t get distracted by the snacks at crafty. 

YEM: What’s one of your favorite experiences while working on a movie or tv show?

Roger: That’s kind of hard because there are so many. I always have so much fun working. My parents have been with me almost every day I’ve worked, so it’s always a family adventure. I love it, and I get to meet so many new people.

If I have to pick one, it would probably be riding the trike in Doctor Sleep. I loved riding it through the hallways on the Overlook Hotel set. Plus, it was my first big role so it was even more fun.

YEM: What kind of project would you like to do in the future?

Roger: Everything I’ve done so far has been scary, sad, intense, and pretty dark at times. I’d love to do something funny and silly. There are two masks, comedy, and tragedy. I’ve worn the tragedy a lot. Let’s put on the comedy! 

YEM: How do you plan to celebrate the release of the film? 

Roger: Well, since we won’t be doing a red carpet premiere because of COVID, I think my parents and I will do one on our own. We’ll dress up and use our own red carpet. My dad keeps one in a closet just in case…KIDDING! Or…am I?