Tracy Wolff tells us what fans can expect from her Crave vampire romance series

Tracy Wolff is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She’s written over sixty novels that run the gamut from young adult action adventures to new adult romance. Tracy loves nothing more than combining her affection for paranormal creatures with her love of writing tortured heroes and kick-butt heroines. Tracy Wolff is the author of the Crave series, a vampire romance series. The third book in the series, Covet, is available now. Book 4 is coming soon! See what Tracy Wolff told us about her books and see her take over our Twitter account today!

Young Entertainment Mag: When did you realize that you wanted to write as your career?

Tracy Wolff: Pretty much from the time I knew letters made words and words made sentences that I could use to tell a story. I’ve been a storyteller pretty much my whole life But I was seven when I wrote my first short story and realized, oh wow. This is the best thing ever!

YEM: You write for a variety of audiences. How do you approach writing for a young adult audience?

Tracy: I try to be as honest as I can be. Writing for young adults means writing about a lot of firsts—first love, first taste of independence, first adulting experiences. The feelings that come with those things are feelings you don’t forget, no matter how old you get and I try to stay true to those feelings. Also, every Buzzfeed quiz I’ve ever taken about “How Old Are You Really?” says I’m seventeen, so that helps, too

YEM: You’ve written several book series. Do you often set out to create a series? Or do you begin one book and decide later to expand upon it? 

Tracy: No, I set out to create a series. When you are writing a series, there is so much that has to be laid into book one about the world and the characters. I like to leave little Easter eggs in my books, hints about what comes next in the plot of the series or where I want to take a certain character. Plus, it pays to know where you’re going when you create the rules for your world. Because otherwise you end up getting yourself into trouble with the rules (and wanting to break them) in subsequent books.

YEM: You’re best known for your Crave book series, which is now a New York Times bestselling series! Where did the idea for this series come from? 

Tracy: I’ve always wanted to write a vampire series, but I was worried I wouldn’t have anything unique to say. When you write vampires, you’re standing on the shoulders of giants and I didn’t want to dip my toe in that pool until I was sure I had a world that would add to the lexicon instead of detract from it, if that makes sense. But when my publisher came to me and said they wanted to bring vampires back, I couldn’t help but jump at the opportunity. I’d been wanting to write a boarding school book for a long time, and I took that—and my love of all paranormal creatures—and created Katmere Academy. From there, my editor and I worked together to create a mythology that makes the world stand out.

YEM: The third book in the series, Covet, was just released! Can you tell us what readers can expect from this book? 

Tracy: A kickass ride. Covet is a roller coaster of emotions, experiences and a wide variety of paranormal creatures and worlds that is super fun to explore.

YEM: The fourth book in this series comes out later this year. Is there anything you can tease for what fans can expect going forward? 

Tracy: Hmmm … how about nothing is quite what it seems?

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