Rohan Campbell shares the best part of playing the new Hardy Boys

The Hardy Boys are back and they’re solving a new mystery! The classic brothers are coming to Hulu in a new series. And in this adaptation, fans will see the boys in a way they’ve never seen them before.

Like Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina with the Archie Comics, the new show takes the lovable characters from the Hardy Boys book series and puts them in a new, darker setting. After the Boy’s mother passes away, they move to her hometown, Bridgeport. The brothers Frank and Joe decide to investigate the murder, but soon find out the town has dangerous secrets of its own. Also, their dad is a professional detective who is solving the case his own way – what could go wrong?

The Hardy Boys themselves debuted in the 1920s, but this show takes place in the 80s. So fans will get a fun, vintage feel from the show. The story is veiled in mystery which will make viewers, and the characters of the show, more curious. There’s new possibilities, new answers to the boy’s inquiries, but more questions also emerge along the way.

Rohan Campbell plays the eldest Hardy Brother, Frank. Frank is mature for his age And he’s no stranger to the mystery series. He told YEM that the book series inspired his take on the role. But this new adaptation definitely shows sides of Frank that viewers wouldn’t expect. And fans will see many sides of the characters throughout the first season.

Credit: Lauren Boyd

“This show really does feel like a feature film over 13 hours,” Rohan said. “It does deal with some mature subject matter in a sense of loss, death, there’s family, there’s love. There’s all those sort of heavy aspects to the show. But the darkness comes out of necessity to the story.”

While the classic characters have been around for almost 100 years, Rohan said the new adaptation is perfect for today’s watchers. The show has everything it needs to become fan’s newest obsession. There’s mystery, adventure, drama, and a lot of heart.

“There are some dark moments and also some really, really happy bright moments. I think with younger audiences are more mature than they used to be. And they do need something to sink their teeth into. I think we did a good job of doing that.”

Credit: Lauren Boyd

But, if you’re not familiar with the Hardy Boys series, Rohan said you’ll still enjoy the show just as much! The stories are fun and suspenseful – and there are even funny, lighthearted moments to look forward to. And the viewers get to discover secrets just as the boys do!

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“Family, trust and adventure” – find out why Rohan said these three words sum up the show’s first season! Plus, learn how he joined the show and became partners in crime with Alexander Elliot who plays his brother Joe.

The Hardy Boys premieres today on Hulu! Stream the full first season now.