Round 3 of Young Entertainment Magazine’s March Madness Best Ship Tournament

You voted, and we recorded.

The NCAA March Madness ended on April 3 with the No. 4 UConn Huskies downing the No. 5 San Diego State Aztecs 76-59.

But Young Entertainment Magazine’s March Madness remains in full force and effect. Our top eight Ships of on-screen couples have decreased to just four. Read on for further details on all four matchups and vote for your favorites!

First Matchup: Ricky/Gina from High School Musical: The Musical vs. Leia/Jay from That 90s Show

“I wouldn’t quit on us if I wasn’t moving away.”
— Gina

Gina’s words to Ricky inspired viewers longing for relationships as outsiders in High School Musical: The Musical. Both Gina and Ricky are labeled as outsiders, as the former’s a transfer student that moves around a lot and the latter’s a skater that dislikes musicals, but ends up joining them to try and get back together with his ex. If this isn’t an atypical love story, then I’m not sure what is.

Let’s switch gears to Leia Forman and Jay Kelso from That 90s Show. Leia and Jay first started seeing each other in July 1995. The former originally believed that the latter wasn’t serious about the relationship, the former’s initial thought turned out to be wrong. The latter really liked the former, and even claimed that he didn’t want her to be some random hookup.

Which unusual relationship would you choose?

Second Matchup: Ginny/Marcus from Ginny & Georgia vs. Lissa/Christian from Vampire Academy

Let’s start with Ginny Miller and Marcus Baker from Ginny & Georgia. Ginny and Marcus are in a relationship, but both of them are dealing with their own mental health struggles. If you and your significant other can relate to this couple, more power to the two of you.

On top of that, Lissa Dragomir and Christian Ozera knew each other because of the Vampire Academy, but didn’t talk to each other. While Lissa had a bad impression of Christian, the latter simply thought that the former was the average royal. The couple started out as friends, fell in love, and maintained an on-again, off-again relationship.

Which obscure relationship would you pick?

Third Matchup: Wilhelm/Simon from Young Royals vs. Agatha/Tedros from The School for Good and Evil 

First, Prince Wilhelm and Simon Eriksson from Young Royals share a complicated relationship.

Prince Wilhelm, a heir upon the death of his older brother Prince Erik, forges his own relationships for the first time in Hillerska Boarding School. Prince Wilhelm and Simon are a same-sex couple, and the former considers the latter as his first love.

Second, Agatha of the Woods Beyond and Tedros of Camelot are a couple in The School for Good and Evil. Agatha and Tedros initially despised each other, but slowly started falling for each other, becoming an item, and eventually getting married.

These are two different couples, but which couple would come out on top?

Fourth Matchup: Pope/Cleo from Outer Banks vs. Rose/Dmitri from Vampire Academy

The Outer Banks’ couple of Pope Heyward and Cleo is interesting, to say the least. Pope and Cleo met on a Coastal Adventure, became close friends, and built a great relationship. Cleo even stopped Pope from shooting Rafe Cameron because he melted the Cross.

Now, let’s look at another Vampire Academy couple. Rose Hathaway and Dmitri Belikov. Rose and Dmitri are arguably one of the most romantic couples in the Vampire Academy and beyond. The couple faced many trials and tribulations, but they’ve built a strong romance and ultimately became a couple at the end of the Last Sacrifice.

Which one of the two couples would you select?