New Music Friday: April 14th

Today is Friday.

At Young Entertainment Magazine, Fridays are for New Music Fridays. This Friday, we hand-picked 20 little-known songs for our target audience. This Friday’s 20 songs are extremely diverse, to say the least.

From “Same Team” by Bawo to “HowTheyLikeMe!” by Liv.e, you’re probably going to find at least one song that you’ll want to add to your spring playlist. Here’s a list of our top 20 songs. Start with “Temptress” by Ray Laurel, and go from there! 

1. “Temptress” by Ray Laurel

Have you heard? Ray Laurel is a rising British artist with a debut EP “Manic Pixie Dream Boy” and a new single “Temptress.”

“Temptress” showcases Laurel’s versatile vocals over warped production. After you listen to his single, you won’t forget about it, as it builds to a scream along a catchy chorus. It doesn’t get any better than this!

2. “Same Team” by Bawo 

Did you hear? West London-based rapper Bawo teamed up with London-based DJ Reek0 for a hot new single “Same Team.”

As this single keeps up with Bawo’s signature captivating sound, this single serves smooth and enticing vibes that’ll have you coming back for more. Bawo and Reek0’s complement each other as they ride the mellow vibes, while delivering bars over mellow hip-hop beats. Now’s the time to listen to this single!

3.Blackjack (Visualiser)” by BINA.

“Who is BINA.?” you ask.

BINA. fits perfectly into today’s R&B scene, thanks to her smooth beats and comfortable vocal harmonies. BINA.’s new song “Blackjack (Visualiser)” shows that she likes to hang onto the familiar, while being unafraid to take the next step. Now’s the right time to listen to “Blackjack (Visualiser)”!

4. “dj” by Jim Legxacy

“Who’s Jim Legxacy?” you ask.

Jim Legxacy’s one of the UK’s most exciting new artists. As a producer, rapper, singer, and creative director, Legxacy’s a versatile artist, to say the least. In his new song “dj,” he delivered clean, heaven-set vocals to the masses. Now’s the perfect time to listen to “dj”!

5. “daylily” by planet girl

Did you know? London-based artist planet girl dropped a new song and music video for “daylily”. “daylily” can get stuck in your head, thanks to its chorus, “Honey, do you listen? Honey, do you say? Honey, how you?”

If you’re going to check out the song and music video, you should let us know what you think. planet girl hopes the public loves the song as much as she does.

6. “Opal Blues” by Feux

Haven’t you heard? North-West London-based Feux is a rising rapper with his debut album “Pure Nine”. Since then, Feux has been building on his whirling, psychedelic, and lo-fi hip-hop sound.

Feux’s new song “Opal Blues” is featured on his new album with the same name. “Opal Blues” is a cycle and somewhat endless journey of one reaching self-enlightenment, self-love, and self-acceptance. How about that?

7. “can’t let go” by Senses

By the way, “can’t let go” is a popular song by Senses. Senses is an artist on Spotify.

The verse of “can’t let go” consists of “Where do we come from? And wherе do we go? Why do we go on? Even if it’s for nothing? I can’t wrap my hеad around Why it’s so hard to break out

From this prison that I built inside my heart, my heart.” Can you relate to the verse? Let us know in the comments!

8. “NW10” by cityboymoe

Here’s another rising star from North-West London. cityboymoe combines cloud-grazing R&B vocals with a broad palette of sounds.

cityboymoe’s ability to work with various artists from Stay Flee Get Lizzy to Joy Orbison makes him a versatile artist. His new single “NW10” showcased a new side of his songwriting chops. Are you going to hear his new single now? Sound off in the comments!

9.Pressure” by dexter in the newsagent

Sometimes, discomfort’s alleviated when it’s acknowledged.

dexter in the newsagent’s new single “Pressure” grants the permission for one to be liberated from their own self-imprisonment. “Pressure” contains lines, such as “It’s been so lonely in the dark,” that paint vivid pictures of isolation. How human do you feel now?

10. “u the real star here” by kid apollo

In case you missed it, Brixton, London based lo-fi R&B trio kid apollo released a new single “lost in her phone”. 

“lost in her phone” was written and produced by kid apollo, with additional production from Tev’n and mixed by JHJ. The new single’s full of dulcet vocals, acoustic guitars, and soft keys. Are you interested in the single now?

11. “gaslight” by Cathy Jain

In case you didn’t know, Cheshire area singer-songwriter Cathy Jain announced her new EP “spacegirl” via YALA! Records. Her new EP’s top single is “gaslight”.

Jain told DIY Magazine, “It’s a fun song with a bit of a satirical edge. It’s about crushing on someone and then acting extremely weird in the whole situation, although in the song it’s unclear who the one with the crush is (that’s for the listener to decide!). I wanted to write about a crush in a way that’s confused, disorientated but fun – because that’s usually how it seems to go.” Take a listen to her single now!

12. “Vita (Tri Mega)” by AKAI SOLO

Are you looking for a new American rapper? Look no further than Brooklyn-based rapper AKAI SOLO. AKAI SOLO has been signed by four record labels: Backwoodz Studioz, Break All Records, 1101328 Records DK, and Field-Left.

AKAI SOLO’s new song “Vita (Tri Mega)” was produced by producer and Queens native Wavy Bagels. “Vita (Tri Mega)” is a song chock-full of direct, thought-provoking lyrics and mesmerizing beats. How excited are you on a scale from one to ten?

13. “Stability” by Ayra Starr

Chances are, you haven’t heard of Beninese-born Nigerian singer Ayra Starr — and that’s perfectly fine. That’s why we’re here.

Ayra Starr, who was born Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe, began a career in fashion as a teenager before beginning a career in music. Starr achieved mainstream international recognition in 2022. And, right now, her song “Stability” put her vocal and musical parents in full force. Are you going to listen to “Stability” now?

14. “Hey” by Charlotte Adigery and Bolis Pupul

Are you looking for a new song? If so, look no further.

“Hey” by Charlotte Adigery and Bolis Pupul is a punchy electro-pop song with innovative sound design, clever wit, and subtle jabs. Both Adigery and Pupal are Belgian musicians that joined forces, become a Belgian duo, and drop a “Topical Dancer” album. Would you listen to “Hey” right now? Let us know in a comment!

15. “Back in LA” by Grace Ives

Do you want to hear a new song? If you answered “yes,” you’ve come to the right place.

New York City singer-songwriter Grace Ives has been making waves in the music industry. Ives specializes in synth-pop and electronic music. Ives’ new song “Back in LA” features relatable lyrics, programmable instrumentals, and booming sounds.

16. “Timelapse” by Hagop Tchaparian

Would you like to listen to a new musician? Hagop Tchaparian’s a British-Armenian musician. Tchaparian released his debut album “Bolts” and took the next step as a solo musician. Previously, he served as a guitarist for British pop-punk band Symposium.

Tchaparian’s song “Timelapse” boasts a unique mix of traditional and electronic Western Asian instrumentation. “Timelapse” can get stuck in your head as possible!

17. “HowTheyLikeMe!” by Liv.e

Do you like R&B music? If you replied with a “yes,” you’re in the right place.

Dallas-born R&B singer Liv.e has returned with a great new album “Girl In The Half Pearl”. Liv.e’s an avant-garde, rising R&B singer that has embraced a distinctive electronic type of perfect. Her new song “HowTheyLikeMe!” can grab your attention and hold onto it.

18. “Cada Musculo” by Mabe Fratti

Guatemalan cellist and composer Mabe Fratti released her new single “Cada Musculo” from her new album “Se Ve Desde Aqui”. “Cada Musculo” literally translates to “Every Muscle”.

Fratti’s vocals complemented her single’s building collection of strings. Oh, and Fratti’s lyrics drove her single forward. Does that sound good to you?

19. “Amigos” by Mediopicky

Are you looking for a multi-genre artist? If you responded with a “yes,” you’re looking at the right artist.

Mediopicky, a producer from the Dominican Republic, is one of the most compelling producers in today’s electronic music scene in the D.R. Mediopicky’s top two genres are Latin urban and dance/electronic. His new, multi-genre song “Amigos” could brighten up your day!

20. “Show Me Love” by Nikki Nair

Last but not least, Nikki Nair is a DJ and Producer from Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is home to rappers and now producers.

Nair has always combined powerful vocals, earnest lyrics, and a deep self-awareness in his music. But his new song “Show Me Love” took a starry-eyed course by weaving dewy textures into a fresh, whimsical appeal. “Show Me Love” could captivate you into a whole new world of an alternate reality!