Sabrina Carpenter’s Skin music video is out now

Sabrina Carpenter posted the music video for her most recent single Skin yesterday. The song was released almost a week ago and fans have been eagerly waiting for the music video to follow. 

The video is directed by Jason Lester and produced by Laura Burhenn. The video stars Sabrina and also stars Gavin Leatherwood who plays the role of her leading man. Gavin previously starred on Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, where he played the role of Nicholas Scratch.

The music video for Skin was very well executed. The video serves a purpose to the song and that is quite clear in its presentation. The imagery so accurately matches the message of the lyrics, adding power and giving clarity to viewers. Throughout the video, Sabrina is seen with her lover in several different locations, a bedroom, living room, and a dining table.

As the song progresses, snow, rain, smoke and what seems to be an earthquake, all begin to occur in each of the scenes. However, the couple is completely unbothered by the worsening elements. Their eyes are locked on one another, seeing clearly through the smoke. They continue their dinner, smiling, as the world shakes around them. These strong visuals work perfectly to intensify the message of the song. The harsh weather conditions are a representation of those attempting to cause a conflict, and the couple’s focus on one another throughout the entire video, shows that they are unbothered and will not let anything get to them.

Sabrina Carpenter’s song Skin, truly displayed the her confidence. And the music video does nothing less than complimenting that energy. This amazing portrayal of her work shows promise of great things to come from this artist.

What do you think of the new music video? Watch the full video for Skin here: