Sad Songs in a Hotel Room

Joshua Bassett’s new EP “Sad Songs in a Hotel Room” came out Friday, September 23, 2022.  It consists of a title track “Sad Songs In a Hotel Roon” as well as two familiar ones “Used to It” and “Lifeline”, which he performed both during his concerts. 3 new ones called “LA” “Smoke Slow” and “All In Due Time” are also on this EP.

To make this release even more special, Joshua released a music video to go along with the title track “Sad Songs in a Hotel Room”. Watch the music video here:

All six songs add up to be a total of 18 minutes and this EP is labeled as explicit, specifically for the title track. What makes this release even better is not only do we get a music video, but we got visuals for “Lifeline” and “Smoke Slow” which allowed fans to visualize the lyrics how Joshua wanted them to. Here is “Smoke Slow” music video: and watch “Lifeline” here:

“Lifeline” is an extra special song as its about his mom and the time he was hospitalized in January 2021. Finally getting to release the song, fans of Joshua can now support him even more by streaming/buying/listening as well as watching the dedicated song along with the visual about how his mom helped him through a dark time.

If you have yet to hear Joshua Bassett’s pre-album EP, pull up the app whether its Youtube, Apple Music, Spotify or other music services and go listen to this powerful EP that highlights Joshua’s talent of singing as well as storytelling.

Top 10 Lyrics from “Sad Songs in a Hotel Room”

10:  Smoke Slow

Addicted to illusions of a love that never was
And never will be, anyway
The nicotine don’t taste the same
If I’m not with you savorin’ every breath we take
Play with fire, take me higher

9: LA

When everything is goin’ right, they’re on your side
But just as your luck runs out, they’re harder to find

8:Sad Songs in a Hotel Room

The neighbors are knockin’, they just wanna sleep
It’s 3 AM while my guitar gently weeps

I flip through these old magazines
Dream destinations, we promised we’d see, oh

7: Used to it

You’re coverin’ up all your sins, I blame it on us bein’ kids

6: All In Due Time

Well, maybe someday it’ll all fade away
And the weight of the world won’t be mine
And maybe I’ll say at the end of the day
Who I am made it all worth the while And these scars’ll be stories I tell
All in due time

5: Sad Songs in a Hotel Room

We checked in together, I never checked out
Guess it’s heartbreak hotel  ’cause just look at us now

4: Lifeline

So let go ’cause I won’t waste another minute

This distance, we’re driftin from difference of opinion

I can’t be mad I’m not what you planned for

3: LA

So I put on a show, slap on a smile
Don’t let ’em know you’re not doin’ all too fine
Well, I’ll be fine 

2: Used to It

When I almost died, you didn’t care at all

Mama said you can’t be mad at who you wish somebody was, mhm

Well, I’m not surprised you didn’t call


Save me, now I’m facing
All my fears of the unknown
I’ve been shakin’ in my bones