Sam Page talks sexy scenes on The Bold Type

Sam Page has been making us swoon on The Bold Type since season one. Sam plays Richard, an attractive member on the board for Scarlett Magazine. He’s caught the eyes of Sutton, and she’s caught his eye too. At first, Sutton and Richard struggled with how to handle their relationship at work. But now, Suttard is going strong! We spoke with Sam Page before the third season of The Bold Type comes to an end. Below, he tells us about his role as Richard and how Sutton and Richard’s relationship will continue to grow throughout season 3.

Young Entertainment Mag: At the end of season 2, Sutton and Richard finally reunite in Paris. So what has the fan reaction been to the two of them coming back to each other?

Sam Page: Overall the fans have been really excited and have been pulling for Sutton and Richard to be together all along. As long as no one was having to make any huge sacrifices. For instance Sutton sacrificing her career and Richard sacrificing his job and vice versa. It kind of worked out. We’re at a place where we can move forward and storytelling can be about relatable things, like relationships. And with things one would have to deal with in any relationship, which has been so much fun to play and explore.

YEM: Sutton and Richard are going strong and just moved in with each other! Are going to see more of their living situation this season?

Sam: Yeah! We have a lot of stuff happening in Richard and Sutton’s apartment. There’s a lot of stuff there.

YEM: So what is it like to film the sexy scenes on the show?

Sam: Well I don’t think we’ve had scenes as sexy as Ryan and Jane have had! They’ve had a lot of those scenes!

It’s always awkward no matter what to have make out scenes. But it’s pretty easy for  [Meghann Fahy, who plays Sutton, and I] to work together. Because when we came in for our screen test, we had pretty good chemistry. I’m glad that people see that on screen.

It’s easier when you’re with somebody who you respect and you feel safe around. You can kind of just let go and be the character without having to think about it so much. I do think that that’s what chemistry with any two people should be. In work partners, romantic partners, life partners, whatever. When your working with somebody that you feel relaxed around, you can relax into the character.

YEM: For the past few seasons, Sutton has struggled with dating someone at work. Now that they’re together, Richard has gotten some comments too. Will we see Richard dealing with that more?

Sam: Well at the beginning of the season [when Richard’s co-worker was making comments], Sutton came up and laid into him pretty good in a smart and savvy way. We won’t see much more of [those comments]. We’ll see more of where the relationship is now. With Sutton and Richard living together and we love each other. Seeing more into the kind of things in relationships where you take a big step. How do we support each other? How are we there for each other?

And we’ll see the difference of how Richard comes from a lot of money, but also makes a lot of money. For Sutton, financially, she isn’t in the same situation. And seeing how comfortable they are with that.  How do we proceed as equals when one of us has more ability financially than the other? How do we accept each other’s needs and be there for each other?

(Freeform/Philippe Bosse)

YEM: How do you think Richard’s parents would react to his relationship with Sutton? Do you think Richard has told his parents about it? Do you think his parents would be supportive?

Sam: I do! You’ve always seen Richard as a person who is comfortable with who he is. He’s caring and supportive of Sutton. I think his parents would be able to see why he likes Sutton. And why he is willing to put it all on the line for her.

Richard’s father passed away, but I do think he’s told his mother. I hope we get to see Richard’s mother! I think she would love Sutton.

YEM: We found out this season that when Richard was younger, he thought about leaving law school. Will we hear more about what Richard was like before he came to Scarlett?

Sam: Yeah! We will. It’s some really interesting stuff. Some things you’ll get to know about him and what his aspirations are. And what his life is like away from the office. Plus his history, who his friends are, what they do. That all comes into play.

YEM: We’ve seen a bit of Richard interacting with Kat and Jane. Will there be more scenes  between Richard and Sutton’s best friends?

Sam: So far, their friendship—there’s kind of an ease to it. Like “Hey Richard, Hey Jane.” It’s very easy, all of our interactions are very normal. But they’re all very comfortable with each other because they all love Sutton. That’s what they have in common. It’s what bonds them.

YEM: Finally, now that Sutton and Richard are in a solid relationship together, will they have their happily ever after? Will it be smooth sailing for them throughout the rest of season 3?

Sam: Well…the happy endings aren’t that fun unless it’s an actual ending. And the show hasn’t ended. [It’s been picked up for a fourth season!] We have to keep it interesting and fun to watch! And there are a lot of really interesting and topical, timely topics to cover in a relationship like this. Because once we’ve moved in, progressing to the next step is… do we get married? Or do we not get married? Do we have kids? And what does having a family do to Sutton’s career plans?

I think that’s really important for the show to explore. Certainly for one of the girls. But [Sutton and Richard] are sort of more likely to get there before anyone else at this point. Because it’s important to talk about, why can’t a career woman have it all? Why can’t she have a fully realized career and a family? Those are some stories we’ve talked about exploring. And issues like that will come up this season. Season three, for Richard and Sutton, is all very realistic. There are real issues that couples have that we get to explore. To me, that’s the most fun to play.