Looking at love life on The Bold Type

The Bold Type on Freeform is about importance of friendship. And we love how Jane, Sutton and Kat always have each other’s’ backs. But we’d lying if didn’t mention how much we love the romantic relationships on the show too. From the very first episode until now in the show’s third season, we’ve seen these girls grow in their love lives. We’ve seen the girls take more mature approaches to love…while also having a ton of fun with their boy-toys. Let’s take a look at the show’s two most solid relationships: Suttard and JaneStripe. Here’s a look at these ships and where they’re headed as Season Three comes to a close.

Jane and PinStripe

Jane and Pinstripe from The Bold Type (Freeform)
Jane began the series as a timid dater, hung-up over jerks she used to date. She met PinStripe, Ryan, in an elevator. And from the start- there was no sign that the two would make such an impact on each other’s lives. After taking a chance, Jane opens up to Ryan, and trusts him to take her places she hasn’t been before. Especially sexy places.

The two had an amicable breakup and remained friends. But it wasn’t long before the two realized that they wanted to be together again. Jane has become more daring in her relationship with Pinstripe, and Ryan became the supportive boyfriend he always was capable of being. PinStripe really made us swoon when he fully supported Jane during her egg freezing process, growing as a person and a boyfriend.

Sutton and Richard

(Freeform/Phillippe Bosse)

This couple has been head over heels for each other since before the series even started. When we first meet them in episode 1, they are already crazy for each other. The only problem is, they’re hiding their relationship from everyone at work.

After some time apart, they realized that their love for each other meant more than any criticism from co-workers. So the two reunited in Paris and have been going strong ever since.

The great thing about this relationship is that there were never any games. Sutton and Richard were always compatible and always into each other. Yes there were brief moments throughout the series when they tried to date other people, but they always found their way back to each other. And now, the two are happy together, planning a future with each other. After a few challenges, Sutton and Richard became stronger. And now their happy ending is in reach!

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