Samantha Brooks interviews her grandfather Mel Brooks

All we know at YEM is that this interview was fun to watch! Anywhere from “Young Frankenstein” to “Spaceballs”, to his new Hulu series coming out called “History of the World, Part ll”, the iconic Mel Brooks goes into a deep dive interview with his Granddaughter, Samantha Brooks. They talk about it all in this one from his history of getting into the film business to talking about dating advice with his granddaughter. It’s funny and insightful, but the best part is that we get a deep dive into the life of Samantha brooks as well. While taking after her grandfather, it is sure that Samantha is bound for greatness as she awaits the release of her much-anticipated web series coming this summer. Before we jump in, let’s go into some background information on Samantha Brooks.

Much like her grandfather, Samantha not only writes but acts and directs as well. Her first major break could very well be the release of her web series, which is a comedy show, called “High Functioning”. This is a story that details Samantha’s real-life experience living with an invisible chronic illness. I’ll be the first to say that if she learned anything at all from Mel, this one will have everyone laughing so hard that they will fall out of their pants. Not only did Samantha write and direct the show, but she also plays the lead role in it as the story is loosely based on herself. Aside from this, her work has been featured in the SOHO international film festival as she also received a best actress nomination at the 2021 London International Film Festival. She has clearly been up and down the block but now, she takes after Mel with the creation of her own show! Now, let’s get into the interview.

The interview goes on for about thirty minutes, and every minute was filled with valuable stories, laughter, and advice I think anyone could take away as useful. After Samantha first asked Mel how often he would like her to call him, he stated 2 weeks or less. Honestly, moments like this made me want to pick up my phone and call my family more often! Aside from little pieces of advice like that, Samantha asks Mel about his career and the funny stories that go along with it. However, it seems as if Samantha has been severely impacted positively by Mel’s work.

Aside from the comical stories that Mel exclaims, Samantha goes on to ask Mel for advice on directing comedy series as she is set to release her first series this summer. Mel then goes on to tell her to always follow her instincts, and that is exactly what Samantha is doing in her life. Her dark comedy on chronic pain is one that directly relates to her as she hopes to show the comedic side of things in this new series. Not only this, but Mel states the word “brilliant” towards Samantha as that was sure to propel her even further forward with her series. It amazed Mel, and it should amaze everyone else as well.

In the end, I think we can all agree that Mel’s relationship advice in this interview is advice that will stick. Just remember, there is more to a person than their looks, and I think this advice is something that a lot of people might love to hear and might need to propel them to a healthy relationship. This one was an absolute pleasure to watch, and an absolute pleasure to learn more about the Brooks family.  One takeaway anyone can gain from this interview is that humor and comedy in can heal the hard times.

History of the World Part 2 is set to release on March 6th, 2023, so be sure to watch it to endure the creativity and passion Mel Brooks puts into his work. Not only that but be sure to keep a look out for Samantha’s new series coming this summer. Please watch the interview below as well where we gain insight into Mel’s iconic life. While you’re there, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest news in young entertainment!