Shawn Mendes previews his new music on Music Choice

Shawn Mendes has been keeping busy! Not only has he appeared on this season of The Voice, but he is also working on new music. This month, he released his two newest songs. Recently, Shawn stopped by Music Choice and talked about his latest singles “Lost in Japan” and “In My Blood”.

“Lost in Japan”

“’Lost in Japan’ is one of my probably yeah like incredible song on the album the most exciting song to write it’s this like Justin Timberlake vibe. We got in the studio and just it was just one of those sessions it was like a forty five minute write it’s about a dream I had getting lost in a country and um I think it’ll be like the first song that like maybe gets played in a club if I’m lucky [giggle] and uh yeah I’m just very excited about it mainly excited because “In My Blood” is the polar opposite of it the guitar and the piano and everything was coming so great we wrote all the lyrics in like forty five minutes and all the melodies in forty five minutes and that was like “Treat You Better” that’s how like my best stuff kinda gets wrote.”

“In My Blood”

“My only thought was that if I’m gonna make new music it has to be the most honest, the realest thing that I can kind of come up with and the realest thing that I can talk about that was the very first day in the studio in October and that was the first song we wrote. I mean not to say that like if I wrote something that I I thought was better or preferred I would’ve made it the first single and I think there are songs that are just as good on the album but there’s something about coming in on your third album and making a statement…with “In My Blood” it’s basically you know this big story ramping up to the kind of end and uh which I was really scared of at first and especially nowadays people are consuming music so fast that I don’t even know if they have patience to get that far in the song before they just switch. That was the music that kind of inspired me when I was a kids was listening to songs that were these ballads that rose to the end of the song you felt like you watched a movie and you felt like you you got something so much more than just like three minutes of music out of it um and that was my goal”.