She Said He Said She Said

After teasing it on TikTok, Joshua Bassett finally released his new song “She Said He Said She Said.” It comes a week after “would you love me now?” and less than a month after his critically acclaimed Sad Songs in a Hotel Room EP. It’s a song about rumors that tells the story of drama that unravels one drunken night. Its an upbeat song with raw lyrics that shares the effects of rumors and how relationships can fall apart because of said rumors. “She Said He Said She Said” is a break from the ballads he recently released on his last project, and this surprise song is a pop one. It is also one of his explicit songs as he does swear in the first verse. “Love is messy,” Bassett says of the song. “Between long-lost love, broken promises, reconciliation and new beginnings – you can count on one thing: it’s complicated.”

Some favorited lyrics include:

“You sure got a lot to say

When you’re talkin on my name

You sure got a lot to say

But did you tell them everything?”

“When you dance with the devil

The devil’s gonna dance with you.

When you play with fire,

The flames gonna burn you too”

“Say you didn’t mean what you said

But drunk talks are sober thoughts

So don’t act so innocent.”

Above is a link to the official lyric video that was released along with the song. The lyrics are painted red, a color that can represent anger, with a blue background of shadows of people,

making it seem the rumors started in high school. He’s also been promoting the song these past two days by having fellow High School Musical: The Musical: The Series stars Sophia Wylie and Saylor Curda do fun and creative TikTok’s with his song and what looks like to be merch. Here is a link to Joshua Bassett’s TikTok page:

And if you want to get the merch they are wearing in the TikTok video, check out Joshua Bassetts store!