Singer Songwriter Chris Bones Brings the Love to YE

You might know actor Chris Bones from the Emmy award-winning soap opera One Life to Live or from Nickelodeon’s Terry the Tomboy, Chris is also an exciting singer-songwriter on the rise. YE managed to get some time with the busy double-threat performer to discuss his upcoming debut EP and the first single from it “Stay Wid It.”

YE: What’s your inspiration for songwriting?

Chris: “In my music, I write about relationships, heartbreak, and love in general. Some songs are based off of things I’ve gone through and experienced. Others are things my friends have gone through, and some songs are even based off of observations that I’ve made in public. I wrote ‘Future Love’ because it was my answer to a happy love song. I wasn’t in love when I wrote it, and I’m not in love now, but the concept is me writing a letter to my love in the future, whoever you are.”

YE: Specifically, where’d you get the idea for the single “Stay Wid It”?

Chris: “The concept behind ‘Stay Wid It’ happened while I was people watching at The Grove in LA. A girl was staring at this guy walking by and he had no idea, but she couldn’t take her eyes off of him. I don’t know why but the phrase ‘stay did it’ popped into my head, and I knew I had to write a song about it. I’m so excited to finally be releasing music for people to hear. It’s been a really long process, but it’s all worth it. I really want people to listen to the songs and jam and connect with them.”

Chris’s EP has yet to have a confirmed release date, but the single “Stay Wid It” is available for streaming on his SoundCloud page. If that’s not enough to give you your Chris fix, the singer also shared with us a playlist on SoundCloud of things he’s jamming out to right now: