Soundbites: Week of September 14th, 2015

Welcome to Soundbites, where we at YE take a moment to commemorate some of the best lines from our favorite shows from the past week. Whether it’s a one-line zinger, an unforgettable pun, or a dramatic moment of truth, Soundbites brings you the can’t-miss best-of-the-best lines from your fave shows. This week we feature Awkward.Faking It, and Switched at Birth.


Jenna, rolling her eyes at her new-found “popular” “friends.”

This week on Awkward found everyone suffering through morning-after woes as Jenna experiences near fatal levels of FOMO after missing her own beach party (celebrating her accidentally getting school cancelled) and Matty plays detective to his own behavior at the party after “browning out” (a softer, more delicate version of blacking out) due to pounding the bottle during his I-just-found-out-my-GF-is-banging-my-BFF blues. But Jenna’s FOMO is immediately cured when she discovers that, even after being AWOL from her own party, her accidental stunt has nonetheless bought her celebrity status. (Matty finds himself suddenly on the opposite end of the popularity spectrum.) Commenting on Jenna’s new in-demand status, BFF Tamara says:

“Put a flavored condom on your head because your mind is about to be BLOWN! Jenna, you are legit popular!!!”

LOL. Tamara always puts everything in perspective.


Shane getting cozy, but like totally not monogamous, with his MMA BF.

Over on Faking It, everyone is trying to figure out the parameters and futures of their relationships as the school year at Hester High comes to a close and summer begins. Karma and Liam are still together but not together, while Amy and Reagan are together, but now Reagan’s questioning Amy’s sexuality has Amy trying to prove her loyalty. And Shane and his MMA hottie are “together” but in an “open relationship.” But is that what Shane really wants? He bashes monogamy, even while he seems to crave it. From Shane, on monogamy:

“What??? Ewww, no, gross!!! We’re gay! I just want him to only be gay for me.”

Shane, you may as well go ahead and delete your Stubble account, because you are definitely a one-man man, man.


All the moms and daughters of SAB bonding.

Switched At Birth had some shake-ups as Regina announces she will move out of the guest house, but the real drama of the episode was each of the sisters and Regina dealing with Angelo’s birthday, not quite a year after his fatal car accident, in their own ways. Bay wants a memorial dinner, but gets offended when Regina and Daphne have other plans. It’s clear that Bay thinks that Regina is moving on too soon, and when she says as much, Regina sets her straight, in a comforting way:

“Eric is not Angelo. And he knows he will never replace Angelo, in my heart, or yours.”

Awww. How sweet. It’s good to see these two connecting, as Bay and Regina don’t seem to have the same bond that Daphne and Kathryn.