Indulging Your Retro TV Pasison: How To Bring It To Life

Many people often cite TV shows from their childhood as having a massive influence on their lives, interests, and hobbies. Whether you’re from the Golden Era of TV from 1948 to 1959 or experienced the contemporary age of television in the late 1990s, you will likely have seen a wide range of shows. For those reaching their late 30s to 40s and older, you will have done so without the restrictions placed on TV shows today and with only parental supervision acting as censorship.

But can this inspirational time in media be replicated, or are we doomed to watch only reruns? While the uber-successful WandaVision on Disney+ broke barriers by combining TV methods and styles of days gone by with modern storytelling and blending of genres, this isn’t something that is being replicated by anyone else currently, primarily down to changes in viewing preference, different audiences and views on topics entertainment content.

So instead of looking back with rose-tinted glasses and remembering exactly how your favorite TV show made you feel, why not look at how you can visit days past and have this be an active part of your life now?


Conventions have become increasingly popular recently, and stars of the stage and screen, both present day and the past, are often popping up at conventions thanks to fans ‘ interest in projects they completed long ago.

Many TV shows and movies, in fact, that weren’t quite as popular with audiences back in the day are having a revival of popularity and developing cult status, meaning the stars of these ventures are highly requested for conventions. Star Trek, for example, wasn’t too popular for its first few seasons until it became syndicated, and it’s not the only one. If you have a favorite TV show from your past that is increasing in popularity, heading to a convention to meet the cast can be an excellent way to keep that memory alive.

TV Subscriptions

We all know streaming services can offer a great way to catch up with TV shows and movies of late and more recent offerings, but making sure you pick the right provider to stream tv will allow you to stay up to date with new releases while also getting the fix of your favorites from your childhood, the early 20s or even recently canceled shows like Lucifer that you can binge watch over and over again.

Many streaming services allow you to pay month by month, meaning you can swap and change what you pay for each month, while others require you to commit to a minimum-term contract, meaning you need to complete the contract to 


If you really want to indulge your passion for your favorite retro TV shows or movies, then joining fandoms connected to each specific one is a great place to start. First and foremost, you should already follow any official or even unofficial accounts on social media. From here, you can likely find a plethora of websites and fandoms that spend their time discussing and dissecting various aspects of dialogue, behaviors, and theories; Marvel and DC are notable examples of this, as is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which still retains its popularity to this day. Whatever it is you love, get involved with other like-minded individuals.

Social Media

Social media has this uncanny way of making seemingly irrelevant things relevant again. From trends to memes and sharing clips from long-forgotten movies and TV shows, there are ample opportunities for you to find and connect with other accounts that post about the same things as you do. Much like joining fandoms, you can follow accounts on all the significant platforms associated with the genre or specific actors, shows, or movies you enjoy, and they can help you revive your passion and engage in discourse about it, too.

Start A Blog or Podcast

If you really want to double down on your passion, then starting a blog or a podcast can help you share your thoughts and feelings, favorite moments, characters, and so on. Podcasts have become really popular lately, and if you’re not averse to a bit of research on the optic at hand, then you can delve into it in more detail, share thoughts and memories, try to connect with people involved with the show, or movie cast, writers, production staff, etc. You can have them on for guest episodes or write an article if you choose to blog over podcasting. If you want to be more involved than simply digesting media already available, then both of these options are a great choice to start with.

There is absolutely no harm in harking back to what you consider to be the greatest TV show, movie, or era in popular culture and indulging in some nostalgia. And if you want to make it a more significant part of your life, then the choices in the post are all excellent ways of indulging this passion.