Soundbites: TV Quotes – week of July 5, 2015

This week’s soundbites feature TV quotes from ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters and MTV’s Teen Wolf. 

teen wolf soundbite

“Someone your age should be happy you still have hair to cut.”

When: Sheriff Stalinski talks about getting his hair cut for a date, Stile’s makes a joke at his father’s expense. Scott comes to the Sheriff’s rescue.

as heard on Teen Wolf –  Season 5, Episode 3: “Dreamcatchers”


the fosters quote

“Remind me not to mess with you”

When: AJ is taken aback by Callie’s extreme defensiveness when it comes to Cole. She makes it clear she won’t stand for him making Cole feel uncomfortable about being transgender, even though it wasn’t at all AJ’s intention.

as heard on The Fosters –  Season 3, Episode 4: “More than Words”

pretty little liars quote

“Bad Behavior has a way of catching up to you”

When: Alison’s dad doesn’t have any sympathy for Alison’s woes with the police. To Ali’s dismay, he believes she’s done enough bad for it to finally catch up with her.  

as heard on Pretty Little Liars –  Season 6, Episode 5: “She’s No Angel”

teen wolf sound bite

“Malia, save her…”  

When: As the Alpha Scott tells Malia to save Tracy, who has gone on a murdering rampage, even though Malia believes the best course of action is to kill her in order to save lives.

as heard on Teen Wolf –  Season 5, Episode 3: “Dreamcatchers”


pretty little liars quote

“I say we catch her in the act.”  

When: After the liars discover Lesli’s Radley secret they decide to take action and catch her doing the dirty work of A.

as heard on Pretty Little Liars –  Season 6, Episode 5: “She’s No Angel”