TV Tunes – Week of July 5th, 2015

Here are the songs featured on your favorite TV Shows this week!


Song: “Pick Me Up” Air Traffic Controller

Where: The Fosters –  Season 3, Episode 4: “More than Words”

Scene: At the beach Cole talks to the group about LGBTQ prom. To his surprise Callie volunteers to be his date. Cole is excited by the prospect and heads into the water, while Callie fills AJ in on Cole’s journey as a transgender.

Why: There’s a lot more happening in this scene than we realize initially. Callie inadvertently makes Cole interested in her romantically by offering to go prom with him. This song is about a man falling for woman because of the attention she gave him. He says he was doing just fine until she came along, looking at him. This works perfectly for the subtext of the scene. This is the moment where Cole begins to think about Callie differently.

“Why’d she gotta look my way – With those bright eyes – She’s incredible”


Song: “Cold Coast” by Secret Sun

Where: Pretty Little Liars –  Season 6, Episode 5: “She’s No Angel”

Scene: At the Brew, Hanna and Lesli meet. Lesli apologizes for her behavior earlier towards Mona. They each see Radley differently. Hanna sees it as the place with all of the answers. Lesli warns her of putting too much stock in that place and letting the police do their jobs.

Why: By the end of the episode we know that Lesli has a lot more to do with the drama than she ever let on. Leslie warns Hanna to stay away from Radley because she was there and wants to keep it a secret to protect herself. This song has that same kind of tricky vibe to it. It has an upbeat tempo, but the words are much more sinister,  much like Lesli and her advice to Hanna.

“Creatures in the night, Glimmering eyes, Find out what could have been, heading for the hills.”



Song: “Wicked” by Dorothy

Where: Pretty Little Liars –  Season 6, Episode 5: “She’s No Angel”

Scene: With their new knowledge of Lesli’s stint in Radley, the liars decide on a new plan to catch her in the act. Mona disappoints Lesli by telling her she got caught by the liars trying to destroy Lesli’s Radley files. Lesli is extremely upset. Meanwhile, A works on a wig for a doll that looks a lot like Aria

Why: When this song comes in a lot is happening between the liars, Mona and A. This song has an intense take action vibe to it that scores the scene really powerfully with a pulsing guitar and drum beat. It builds on the momentum of the girls deciding to be proactive and catch Lesli then gets louder as Mona tells Lesli the liars know about her. It helps you know that this is a turning point for everyone involved. The lyrics also reinforce the message loud and clearly with lines like “This night ain’t for the faint of heart” and “Ain’t no sleep when the wicked play.”  There’s enough wickedness to go around and with this song in the background it’s bound to get really interesting.



Song: “Take it All” by Ruelle

Where: Teen WOlf –  Season 5, Episode 3: “Dreamcatchers”

Scene: Stiles, Scott and Malia have been stung by the Kanima and trying to heal themselves. Malia heals first and heads off on a mission to find Tracy against Stiles wishes but with Scott’s blessing.

Why: This song has an inciting feeling. It repeats the line “And so it begins” with intensity as Malia gains her strength and runs off. It’s the beginning of a lot of things for the characters. It’s both the beginning of understanding and the beginning of the end. At this point the crew knows that Tracy isn’t just a werewolf and something much bigger as at play. It’s the beginning of the end because Malia has her scent and is on her way to stop Tracy – maybe even kill her.

“With all at stake…so it begins.”